I think therefore i am

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Response to “I think, therefore IM” by

Jennifer lee, author of “I think, therefore IM”, discusses the effect of conversational style of internet instant messaging on students’ formal writing and the effect it has on teachers. The interesting about this subject is that it is a real issue spreading among students which is causing problems in thestudents’ education. In fact, the author emphasizes on the negative effect that is generated from this informal writing on to students work and teachers. The fact that Jennifer lee was a reporter covering the metropolitan desk and cultural affairs may explain her interest in this subject and may excite us to read her opinion on the matter because she will discuss it in details and point out whatis happening with our modern teenage society.
At Viking middle school in Guernee, teachers like Ms. Harding are experiencing that problem: students are using informal language in their works which is causing students to lose touch with the appropriate way of writing thus being penalized by their teachers. We see , also, this kind of writing all over the schools like in Mont Clairhigh school New jersey where students’ like Eve Brecker are developing bad habits in writing. Teacher, as noted in the text, are being stunned by this new writing among teenagers which increasingly spreading: “At Houlton Southside School in Houlton, main” (l-17), “at the Massachusetts institute of technology (l-19). Jennifer lee noted, in addition, that “some teachers see the creepingabbreviations as part of continuing assault of technology on formal writing” (l-20) which shows the effect of technology on students’ and thus on their writing. Teachers’, on another hand, are trying to fix the problem but as students are saying it has become a habit or it has become their culture, but other teachers’ are trying to incorporate this new way of writing in their teaching by explaining theevolution of writing from classical to modern ( the abbreviation style), or by encouraging them to abbreviate on their drafts so they can go faster or be more creative in the opinion of Ms. Bova.
The text is entitled “I think, therefore IM”, a quote by Descarte, which the author has abbreviated. This title is very interesting because it is a very complex quote that the author has abbreviatedwhich intrigues the reader and catch his attention. Jennifer lee introduced the issue by exposing several cases where the issue is problematic: “Ms. Harding , who has seen such shortcuts creep into student papers over the last two years, said she gave her student a warning”(l-9). The author is pointing out through those examples the influence ofmodern days on formal writing, she added that “as more and more teenagers socialize online middle school and high school teachers like Ms. Harding are increasingly seeing a breezy form of internet English jump from e-mail into school work” (l-11) which shows that the author is emphasizing on teenagers neglect to proper writing in their work. Nonetheless, the author continued on searching for thecause to the problem pointed by teachers by citing the students’ opinion on the matter
““you are so used to abbreviating things; you just start doing it unconsciously on schoolwork and reports and other things”” (l-14). The author is describing the situation with an objective view but she still note the improperness of teenage dealing with their writing.
Jennifer lee moves on topresenting statistical findings that show the widespread of texting causing this informal way of writing, hens making her reasoning more credible: “Almost 60 percent of the only population age 17 uses instant messaging, according to Nielsen/NetRatings” (l-18). She presented, in other hand, different explanation given by teachers to the attitude of the students quoting Ms. Harleine ““it’s acceptable...