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Alexis de Bruin
1ere ES1

A trade union is an association of both skilled and unskilled labourers. Normally, a trade union holds a big meeting for all it’s members, where they agree onschemes to get more money for its labourers, but chiefly all the unskilled workers go along with the head of the union because they don’t know what else to do. In a recent poll, carried out by Ifop, 25%of teens are less rebellious than the older generation and they outright, don’t want to join a union. They have emerged as a generation that wants to work without striking all the time and they thinkthat the older generation failed to change the world. Being part of a union can have repercussion because a judge threatened strikers with prison sentences if they don’t stop right away. They willalso get fined for every day the strike continues and they ignored an injunction. With no police, garbage collectors or sewer workers, state troopers have patrolled the city to stop all the looting thathave been happening. Some teens prefer to play sports instead of working. They think they settled for better jobs. For example, Ivory Crockett, the son of a cotton picker, just ran in 100 yards in 9seconds dead, which is a staggering and incredible feat, which has never been produced before. His official time will never be known for sure because out of the four stopwatches, that were timing hisrun, the fastest was the electronic device, which read 8.94. All of that was accomplished despite being really poor and barely able to afford food. Even though he ran in such an astonishing time, hewas never able to book a spot in the U.S. national squad. Another job one might do is a lorry driver. Some lorry drivers have hobbies like knitting. Knitting is quite easy to do, you just need knittingneedles and a ball of wool, and then you can do a lot of intricate garments like cardigans, jumpers and scarves. Some crazes start very young, and in some cases it’s the grand mother that teaches...