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One night, 3 friends were coming home from a Halloween party and there was a cemetery about one block away from home. One kid was telling the others about a locallegend. If you go and stand on the grave one minute after midnight a knight without head will come and cut your legs. One girl named Mary, was brave enough to do it for$20.00. She walked to a grave, stood on it, Suddenly, her leg felt heavy and she tried to pick it up, but something was grabbing HER! She was yelling and crying forhelp, but her friends thought she was kidding, so they just left. It was so dark she couldn’t see what was grabbing her leg but she heard a voice saying you walked on me.After a big effort she finally escape and ran without turning around. The day after, at school she told her friends from last night about what happened to her andnobody believed her, nobody except her best friend Anna. She explained all the story and the voices she heard. She said that she hears those voices everytime shes aroundthe graveyard. Her friend tried to comfort her and promised her that she would come with her next Halloween to figure out what it was.A year later, as promised, theywent to clear this mystery out. At midnight, we heard the bell of the church ringing near the cemetery. They freaked out and started hear voices. One minute later theyheard some steps of a horse approaching. They turned around and couldn’t believe what they saw. It was the kight without head . Before they could scream the creepyknight cut the leg of Mary with his sword and disappeared with the rest of the body. From this day, in her sleep, Anna always feels like someone is cutting her legs.