L'histoire d'harriet tubman

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Question 1 : Describe Harriet Tubmans childhood. What was one of her jobs as a child? How did she get a scar on her head?www.americaslibrary.gov/cgi-bin/page.cgi/aa/activists/tubman/youth_1


Harriet Tubmans was a slave. she lived in Virginia. As she really young was, her job was to bring the breakfastto the one who worked in the field. She also had to take care of her boss's children. When she grew up, she had to go to work on the field. Her childhood wasn'teasy. The scar she got was the prove she was a slave. Wherever she would go, they'll always know she's a slave.

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Question 2 :Describe Harriet Tubmans escape. Why did she flee? Who helped her? Where did she go?


She didn't want to dieas a slave. So she decided to escape. She already knew, there wasn't lots of chances for her to succeed. Her living condition wasn't human. She didn't haveenough food and the work was really hard.
An old man told her, there was a place called Canada, where you can be free. He just said, there was people who will helpher. She had to go to the North.
As she flew, she have been earing dogs following her all the time. She always had to hide, she didn't have a lot of food and shewas really tired. She didn't really know where she had to go, so she followed the North star.
One day she reached the Ohio river and she knew she had to gothroug it to go to the south. But she was too tired so she fell asleep. When she woke up, she saw a black man who told her to follow him.

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