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Today, people can find a lot of changes in the world. The culture, the education, the environment and even the traditions has changed, but unfortunately in a negative way. In the past, the world wasrecognize as a marvellous place but unfortunately, today, the world is totally different. Some problems are political, others environmental, but in this case it’s going to be about social educationproblems. In others words, young people today totally lack respect for several reasons.
Lack respect was not so common in the past. Today, in 2010, it is everywhere. According to many governmentalstudies, lack respect is more common for young people and less for the mature. For several years, the education of young people is the biggest cause of their bad behaviour to the current population.Today, the world is more appropriate for everybody to discover bad things more rapidly than before. In others words, gangs, drugs, alcohol, party are very accessible for the youngest person. Also, parentsare not strict as before, they aren’t structured in their form of education, so they are responsible for their child act.
The world, today, evolves too quickly, so it does not leave enough time toevery family to adapt itself correctly. For example, a 12 years old can already know the major secrets of life or have already experimented clubbing, even sexuality. Probably, in this case, you canfind a lot of influence from friends or even from education. Also, today, adaptation is very important because it’s the only way you can learn from bad and good behaviour. To finish, youths have theworst lack of respect because they are the new generation educated by parents who are not severe and have no authority.
The publicity, now, is a real problem because of its influence on young people.These days, the advertising is an easy way for young people to be badly influence or to be badly inspired. The advertising which exposes a lot of vulgarity is especially the one of the fashion. The...