L'homme est t'il un animal raisonnable?

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Alexandre Augier
Anthropology 130
Short Paper

Virtual Trip to Three Online Human Evolution Exhibits.
In this short paper I will speak about my virtual trip on Human Evolution exhibits through three different websites linked on the topic I chose. After having chose and visited three different websites on the four listed in the topic, I will be able to evaluate those websites. The firstwebsite I was interested in was the one of the Institute of Human Origin (IHO) linked in the topic as www.becominghuman.org . The second online exhibit I chose was a website from the Hall of Human Ancestors at the Smithsonian Institution (HHAS), linked on the topic as http://anthropology.si.edu/HumanOrigins/ha/ances_starts.html. Finally, the last website I went through was the one of the AmericanMuseum of Natural History (AMNH) from the link www.amnh.org/exhibitions/atapuerca. I chose those three different websites, because they looked to me very different and do not target the same viewer, and for me it is more interesting to make a paper about three websites of different scientific institutions. In this paper I will compare the websites in details.
The first website I visited was theInstitute of Human Origin (IHO), from my first point of view I find this site very interesting, by going through the website I discovered that this website is totally dedicated to educate viewer of the Human Evolution from the last seven million years, through articles, videos, pictures, games or activities. I was also able to read different articles from different scientists from differentdisciplines link with the study of human evolution. For me the discovery of the two nearly complete skeleton of a probable new species of Australopithecus called Australopithecus sediba in South Africa is an important thing of our evolution. I was surprise by the article it was easy to read, short but all information I needed where in the article and I was choc to discover the links of other articlesspeaking about the same subject and also the link of a picture of the skull of the skeleton found in South Africa. For me the only exhibit was very interesting cause of the wealth and the simplicity of articles. I recommend this website for those who have hard time to understand anthropology, all articles are easy to understand and link with other article for more information. I also was surpriseby the fact that article are expend or renew such as the article of The Human Lineage Through Time. It is also very interesting to use game and activities, it help to understand some things such the difference between apes and human by building the skeleton of those species. There is also a genetic game in which we have to recreate the genetic code to discover the nearest species of human (chimp,gorilla and orangutan). As regard of videos and pictures, they are tools for a better understanding for the viewers who do not have a large education about Human Evolution. In fact it is a very easy website to learn notions of anthropology due to is easy use, and articles are interpret and publicizes for the understanding of everybody. In my own opinion this website could be use by a large benchof people from young people to old ones, even if it could be a very interesting website for college student as we are. This site is a very interesting one, easy to use and such attractive one, with colors and short article very clear and full of information that can help everybody to understand our evolution in details. Games, activities, videos and pictures are very interesting and helpful andof course articles get link if the viewer want more information about what they are reading about. It is not necessary to modify the site in depth, maybe adding just few more activities and videos could be interesting.
As regards to the second website I chose, the site from the American Museum of Natural History (AMNH) is for me a way different kind of website. In fact, it is a museum...