L'implantation de cafes richard en chine

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Table of contents

Table of figure



-the scope and challenge of International Marketing

-Definition of international marketing-énoncer pbmatique

-aims : bring recommandations on Cafes Richard company to enter the chinese market -rappel des objectifs du dossier: (discribe and compare culture, analyse entrystrategies, analyse company’s strategy in France and in US)

-énoncé parties du dossier

I. Get to know China before enter the market

Intro: the importance of knowing the countryin which the company wants to implement.
(qq lignes)


Définition rapide du modèle et presentation sous forme de tableau? ou paragraphe?

b. Behavior of Chineseconsumer

i.Who are they?
ii. Where do they live?
iii.How do they live?
iv.What are their needs?
v.How dothey spend?

II. International Strategies: success and failure of companies in China

Intro: parler des 100 global brands. En choisir 2 : un échec, une réussite.

a. Success:Danone
i. Group story and way of implementation in China
ii. Explanation of the reason of success

b. Failurei. Group story and way of implementation in China
ii. Explanation of the reason of failure

( dans a et b parler des différences de culture, des symboles (chiffres,couleurs…)

c. Conclusion and explanation of the different ways to enter a foreign country

( act goblal, local or glocal.
Importance of adaptation
cross cultural analysis

III.Cafes Richard in China

a. Group story
b. Company’s international strategy
-compare company’s strategy in France and in US
c. Coffee market in...