L'inconscient peut-il servir d'excuse?

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Do you share the narrator’s view on the United States?

Adam Hochschild considers his country as a paradoxical one in his essay. With his experiences around the world, he has been confronted withtwo characteristics of the USA. Now, he has got mixed feelings. On the one hand, he reproaches his country to being too arrogant and for not respecting the ideals. And on the other, he is very proudof it with his creativity and his education system.
Abroad, the America is always victim of many judgments which can be good or not. The country has dark and bright sides.
Freedom, justice anddemocracy are the most important ideals of the USA. However, there is a lack of consistence between these ideals and the American attitude. First, as the narrator explains, the country supportedapartheid which is an encounter about racial differences. And the country had a large involvement in the Iraq war. So, America doesn’t really side with freedom and agrees with encounters. Then, the USArefused to sign and respect a lot of international agreements; they put themselves in a position of superiority and arrogance toward the rest of the countries. They have an economic and military power, andbecause of that, they interfere too much in the world by putting a lot of pressure. In an international view, they have an attitude of domination, arrogance and intolerance.
Furthermore, theAmerica has a lot of bright sides which attract many people. First, his education system is a very good one. An American degree is the best way to have a good job. The American Ivy League colleges are thebest universities and are very recognized in the world. Then, America is known with his large creativity and liveliness. It’s the cradle of a lot of good singers, actors and authors. The country has avibrant civil society. And finally, it has a reputation of an open country where they try to have a social equality and a tradition of free speech. The American society has got some brilliant...