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Oral production on the religion of islam

In the novel of three cups of tea, Mortenson has fixed, has a goal and after a lot of circumstances, to build schools in the rural Pakistan andAfghanistan. Mortenson faced many difficulties on his road of building 55 schools in taliban territory. One of the difficulties he faced was that he had to deal with muslims. Muslims are the group of people whoput their trust in the religion of Islam. Islam is one the religion who counts on one of the largest group of person worldwide. I am going to talk about Islam in different aspects, such as what arethe statements they believe in, about their practices known as the five pillars, and also about the muhammad prophet which is a very important character is Islam religion.

Which statements do theybelieve in ?

- The muslims fundamental theological concept is monotheism, which means that they believe in only one god, and this god, in arabic term, is known as Allah. In the traditionalislamic history, god cannot be understood, as he acts as a protector. Muslims are supposed to worship and adore him. Many are even saying that the main purpose of life is to worship god. The Quran describesthe entity as the eternal, the absolute and that none is like it.

- An other important belief for the muslims are the angels. These are supposed to act as messengers of god. They arecommunicating revelations from god, as well as glorifying him. They are also recording everybody’s act and taking a person’s soul after his death.

- Islam contains a lot of human messengers of god. Theyare called prophets. Muhammad is probably the best known prophet and we will talk about it later. But there are many other prophets of the islam, as mentionned by the Quran, troughout the history ofthe religion. We can name Adam, Noah, Moses and even Jesus in those.

- As it is for many religion, Islam also states that humans are subject to predestination. In other words, god has a full...