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In November 2002, Nic Lowe and Bruce Jeffreys discovered that many people were interested in swapping private car ownership for hourly access to a fleet of cars parked in theirneighbourhoods.

After doing wide research, on Saturday June 6, 2003, Nic and Bruce funded the development of the necessary processes and IT systems to make car sharing : Newtown CarShare waslaunched.

The service was extended to Melbourne and launched under the new name ‘GoGet’ on the 18th of November, 2004.

Go Get Car Share is a car share service for people who want theconvenience of using a car without owning one.

GoGet’s witnesses :
➢ GoGet CarShare is more convenient than car rental, cheaper than car ownership and a great way to help the environment.
➢GoGet is Australia’s first professional car sharing service
➢ GoGet has 21 locations in New South Wales and 5 locations in Victoria
➢ GoGet’s fleet consists of Toyota vehicles including theYaris, Corolla Hatchback, Station Wagons and utility vehicles such as the 2 door Ute.
➢ 231 cars have been removed from the road based on a 7 car reduction per every car that is in the GoGet network➢ Membership is growing at over 200% per annum
➢ GoGet Carshare has been shown to reduce VKT (Vehicle Kilometers Travelled) by up to 50%, and move those kilometres to ‘greener’ modes oftransport (walking, pushbiking and use of public transport)


GoGet CarShare is perfect for people who don't need a car everyday or want to get rid of that second car.
It’s alsoperfect for businesses or organisations that get the benefits of having a car fleet without the costs.

GoGet has three principally competitors : Smartdrivers, Mycarclub and Flexicar inAustralia.

➢ Smartdrivers - Melbourne, Sydney, Brisbane, Gold Coast

“Our unique low emission and low cost car sharing model offers members a great alternative to cabs and expensive company...