L`alcool et la droque au volant

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I'd like to tell you my opinion on the tattoos and my own tatto that I want to do it soon
my views on tattos is a positive because I think no matter who `can we have a tatto just needs to know theconsequences of a tatto and different things to do before
there are things negative and positive as a tatto first thing you should know that it can hurt second thing that can have an infection or notdepends of the person you do on your own responsibility and third thing you must do a good choice of what question you would like to have and or because a tatto that we can not removed after
I findsomething beautiful tattoos but I like to prefer a tatto small and not very big and not anything because I think a small tattoo is less painful and at the same time it can be very cute and esthetics.I'm going to get a tattoo after one month not very big I think I prefer a little to make me a tiger because i like that. My family and friends would react positively because many of my friends aroundme have a tattoo already and my family were agree with that because I spoke with them recently on this subject, as I would like to make a small tattoo and they agreed and I was happy
I have it on theright side near the abdomen, because from my point of view, I think it's better than anywhere else on the body, especially it can be less painful and, second word, I think that it is more aestheticin that it is not very visible
For me this tattoo means freedom of expression, and I think it represents my personality because the tiger has a strong character and an aesthetic point of view may be awell done tattoo
Tiger Symbolism
Tigers can have many different meanings. They are associated with power of course courage, ferocity, passion, and sensuality. Sometimes they are used to represent aperson's driving force or urges in life. A caged or defeated tiger can be used to symbolize the containment or sublimation of those urges. On the other hand, tigers can also symbolize femininity,...