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M&A in the Automotive Sector


Introduction 1 The automotive sector 1A The biggest actors 1B World Output 1C the srenghts of the market 2 Why M&A ?


The automotivesector is the theatre of many movements since 1998 and Daimler/Chrysler. In fact, To improve the productivity always and minimize its costs, the automotive sector is an industrial branch particularlysubject to the mergers and to the acquisitions between manufacturers. In this presentation, we will see that mergers and acquisition are an inevitable strategy in order to resist at the important powerswhich influence the market. In order to show you this fact, we will: - Firstly present the market, the Porter’s matrix and his explanation.

- Secondly, see by a radar what the actors of theautomotive sector must M&A, and some examples of the complex organizations which are born with M&A

1 The automotive sector The biggests actors

1 The automotive sector World Output

1Theautomotive sector 1C The strenghts of the Market according to the Porter’s Matrix

Law and environnement

Treath of new competitors

Strong barriers Supplier’s strenght The automotive sector

Reserved Low High Treath of Substitute products

1 The automotive sector The strengths of the market in sector-based hexagon Competitive intensity Customers Substitute products

Suppliers Public authorities

Zone of profitability

1 The automotive sector The strengths of the market explained Public authorithies and environnement The impact of public authoritiesis important on one hand because certain reforms are capable of impacting on the market in a significant way (ex: in France “prime à la casse”) and of the other one at the level of the regulations ofsafety. The impact of the environment is also important and influences sales (ex: Courts of the oil, the new energies, the ecological bonus). The automotive equipment manufacturers are certainly many...