The Fairy Tale In The Fifth Child dissertations et fiches de lecture

Fifth child extract 1 outline

Extract 1 Introduction : In her novella, The Fifth Child, published in 1988, Doris Lessing tells the upheaval of a blissful family after the fifth child, a large, ugly, violent and uncontrollable child, is born. The passage under study is part of the incipit. Indeed, we are presented to the protagonists, the parents David & Harriet Lovatt when they first met at an office party in the 60s (their encounter, their backgrounds => past influencing their future). Guideline : To what extent their respective...

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The fifth child, doris lessing

p. This extract is the first scene of the fifth child, a book published in 1988. Doris Lessing was a British writer, her life had been full of adventures and of stranges events. She was awarded the Nobel prize of litterature in 2007. The first scene we have to analyse introduces us to the main characters : Harriet and David. They met at an office party. In this passage, we learn about their lifestyle, their moral and pshycological features Firstly, we will see that it is the introduction of two...

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The fifth child, explication des pages 29 à 31

from the Fifth Child, a novel by Dorris Lessing. This passage is set at the beginning of the novel. After an office end of year party, Harriet and David, two lovers, decided to get married and buy a house in which they will have many children. In this passage they’re visiting a huge victorian house in the countryside. However, in this passage, there is clearly a change of mood. In the first part of the text happiness prevails whereas in the second part we can feel tension and fear. In the...

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Doris lessing “ the fifth child” ( p 13-16 “ if i’m pregnant), harper perennial

DORIS LESSING “ The fifth child” ( p 13-16 “ If I’m pregnant), Harper Perennial Intro: up to you / put this passage into its context recall what happened in the first extract studied The question we shall try to answer: will the house Harriet and David have found be their home sweet home, the house of their dreams? 1) LONGING FOR A HOUSE AND A KINGDOM a)David’s love for his room and his desire to find a new one: -elements we have in the passage just before this one ( p 12) + David’s wish...

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The fifth child

Episode List The Fifth Child runs in an uninterrupted flow from beginning to end, without any apparent chapters dissecting reading. To make it easier for my pupils to read through the text, I have split the novel in several episodes. This is just a suggestion. Others may find the text fits in more suited frames. 1. pp. 7-9 “Harriet and David met each other at an office party” to “David was an architect" THE OFFICE PARTY 2. pp 9-11 “So what was it about these two” to “They were made for...

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Queen, kinf and knave in lolita

Nabokov in 1928, under his pen name, Sirin, while living in Berlin. It was originally written in Russian and eventually translated the same year by the author's son. Such a title suggests either a historical novel about Middle-Ages for instance, or a fairy tale. But it is neither a story of kings and queens, nor a fairy tale. It's a fiction about real people, a married couple and their nephew, a young man, who falls madly in love with his aunt. It is a love story such as you could find in real life...

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Themes of fifth child

Themes The Fifth Child is a potent and suggestive piece of writing. It is first and foremost a criticism of the British society on different levels. Doris Lessing’s vision of this society is stern, satiric and bleak. Some of the major themes tackled in this book include the importance of family, the Swinging Sixties, tolerance, the role of women, motherhood, sacrifice, loneliness, rejection, violence, fear, and more. The Swinging Sixties: - In the unconstrained atmosphere of England in the late...

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The laughing girl

THE LAUGHING GIRL” Explain Nathan’s investigation ( through H. Peoples ) to find Aurora, his ( lost ) “poor niece”. Once he finds out where she lives, he hits the road again ! to bring her back to Brooklyn and the family. Flashback on Aurora’s life and folly. She has been “saved”, i.e. is in the hands of D. Minor, a Christian fanatic who gradually became domineering and abusive until he finally locked her up to control her. The beginning of the chapter focuses on the setting of this abuse...

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Sexing the cherry

SEXING THE CHERRY Plot : * 17th c England : alternative reality = historical facts + magical elements * The dog woman finds a little boy in the Thames (Jordan = river name travel connotation) * Alternance of narratives Dog woman / Jordan. Then Jordan leaves (mentally or physically we don’t know. He travels with John Tradescant = historically he was a traveler during the period = he gathered some “curiosities”) * Jordan is looking for a dancing girl (fortunata)...

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Unicorn in the garden

THE UNICORN IN THE GARDEN INTRODUCTION This text is a story written by James THURBER in 1940 and taken from the collection Fables for our time. It is entitled The unicorn in the garden. SUMMARY There are three characters in the story: a man, his wife and a unicorn. None of them is named. The story begins as follows: one morning, a man who was having breakfast while his wife was still in bed upstairs beheld a unicorn eating the roses in the garden. COMMENTARY First we will focus...

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The 5th child

The Fifth Child: The Fifth Child The Fifth Child ©2010, Inc. or its Licensors. Please see copyright information at the end of this document. Harriet and David Lovatt are a conventional couple in 1960’s England. Their only oddity seems to be their desire for a large family, and when they produce four children in quick succession, they seem to be building the happy family they want. The Christian connotations of the names of the male children, Paul and Luke, are unmistakable, and this...

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Women in "absalom, absalom" by faulkner willliam

THE REPRESENTATION OF WOMEN IN ABSALOM, ABSALOM ! 1 - Ghostly and Fantastic figures: identities in crisis ⇒ What is particularly striking in AA is that he stereotype of the Southern Belle* is subverted and that women are given other characteristics than those usually attributed to the Southern Belle : culture, conversation skills, charm, beauty, good manners, naivety, chastity, humility, but also seducing skills. At some point, Ellen Sutpen could match the Southern Belle description, but she is definitely...

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Dead in the family


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The fifth child plot

Plot Summary: The novel “The Fifth Child” by Doris Lessing, is about two single adults, Harriet and David, who met at a party. David was divorced, and sleeping with different women every night, and harriet was single, and ready to settle down. As anyone could predict, the two fall in love and get married. Their lifelong dream was to raise a large, perfect family. They knew from the start that they wanted many children, “probably six”, Harriet suggested, although her mother in law Dorothy thought...

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The fifth child (spé anglais)

THE FIFTH CHILD INTRODUCTION “I hated writing it”, that’s what Doris Lessing said after writing The Fifth Child. Doris Lessing is a British author from the 20th century. She won the Nobel Prize in literature in 2007. She wrote many bestsellers such as The Golden Notebook, or The fifth Child, published in 1988. The fifth child is a minor classic. There is also a follow up of this book called Ben in the world. The first scene of this book introduces the characters, the setting and gives us some...

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The fifth child

Introduction : The fifth child, written by Doris Lessing, reads about Harriet & David Lovatt, who decide to start a large family which will be wonderful. Harriet is an old-fashioned woman attached to the family's values ; & as for David, he is a very determined man who knows what he want, that is, a home full of children. They are in a sense, in the same view about the conception of a family. But the happiness is short-lived & things take a turn for the worse... I-The nightmare grows up...

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Pleasure and fear in the castle of otranto

The Castle of Otranto” is like a dark dream filled with violence and terrible events, like an evil nightmare where the worst fears become real. In the midst of this horror, joyful and pleasurable events take place, like refreshing springs of light in a dark night. Pleasure and fear appear to be contradictory, but could they be linked to each other? Could you go from one feeling to the other? Could you feel both at the same time? We could also argue that pleasure might not always be a positive...

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Fifth child summary

Health Summary In the "free love" context of the nineteen-sixties, Harriet and David Lovatt are throwbacks to a more conservative, traditional, and family-oriented decade. Their life dream is to have a big house in the country filled with children, and it seems that they will succeed. After bearing four young children, however, Harriet is feeling the strain of years of childbearing, sleeplessness, money trouble, and her parents' and in-laws' disapproval of her fecundity. Her fifth pregnancy is not...

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The fifth child

WORKSHEET N°1 – FROM THE BEGINNING TO PAGE 4 (….David was an architect) 1) LANDMARKS. 1- This passage is the very beginning of the Fifth Child. It is the introductory scene. The first pages of a novel are very important because they present/ introduce the main characters and the setting of the action/ the plot. They also set the atmosphere of the plot. 2- The beginning of the fifth child brings us information about the 2 main characters of the story, Harriet and Harry Lovatt: we learn...

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Nestle and child labour

Nestle Audit Finds Child Labor Violations in Cocoa Supply By Dermot Doherty and Stanley James Jun 29, 2012 3:51 PM GMT+0200 Source: Nestle via Bloomberg Nestle SA (NESN) needs to step up measures to combat child labor in the Ivory Coast cocoa industry, according to a study requested by the Swiss food company that found “numerous” violations of its internal work rules. The maker of KitKat chocolate bars needs to improve internal monitoring to fight the practice as four-fifths of its cocoa comes...

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The fifth child

SPE ANGLAIS. commentaire 1 This extract is the first scene of Doris Lessing's novel The fifth child, a book published in 1988, dealing with Ben, a monster-like child whose birth makes his parent’s life become hell. This passage is descriptive, because it’s where the reader learns how the two characters are. This first scene introduces the two mains characters, David and Harriet and to the general tone of the story to come. In this extract we are given details about David and Harriet...

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Extract of the fifth child (p35-36)

British writer. In 1988, she wrote the fifth child and in 2007 she was awarded the Nobel Prize for Literature. The novel is about a couple, Harriet and David, having a happy life and lot of children. They buy a house, and spend Christmas and Easter holiday every year with their family. Everything is going well, until Christmas 1973 and Harriet’s fifth pregnancy. This new pregnancy makes her suffer, so she goes to see her usual doctor, who has been there for the previous pregnancies, in order to get...

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The deeper meaning of life

ALSO BYJOHNLLOYD (WITHDOUGLASADAMS) The Meaning of Liff The Deeper Meaning of Liff What’s the name of the tallest mountain in the world? Mauna Kea, the highest point on the island of Hawaii. The inactive volcano is a modest 13,799 feet above sea level, but when measured from the seabed to its summit, it is 33,465 feet high—about three-quarters of a mile taller than Mount Everest. As far as mountains are concerned, the current convention is that “highest” means measured from sea level to summit;...

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Alice in the wonderland

ALICE IN THE WONDERLAND I - The autor -Lewis Carroll ( 1832-1898 ) -He lived during Victorian’s reign -His real name was Charles Lutwidge Dodgson. - ( English ) Photographer / mathematician / writer - He spent his youth in Yorkshire and liked to make puppet shows. - In 1851, he enters to the university of Oxford and obtains a diploma of mathematics - He continues his career as teacher at the university and is ordered deacon in 1861. ( a deacon = un diacre...

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Dorris lessing the fifth child

In the "free love" context of the nineteen-sixties, Harriet and David Lovatt are throwbacks to a more conservative, traditional, and family-oriented decade. Their life dream is to have a big house in the country filled with children, and it seems that they will succeed. After bearing four young children, however, Harriet is feeling the strain of years of childbearing, sleeplessness, money trouble, and her parents' and in-laws' disapproval of her fecundity. Her fifth pregnancy is not only unplanned...

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The fifth child passage1

‘they were made for each other’. INTRO This is the opening passage of the novel The Fifth Child, in which Lessing introduces the reader to the two main protagonists, Harriet and David. She begins at the very “beginning” of “their” story, focusing on the moment they first met and fell in love. The scene is set at an end of year office party in Sixties London. There are five main parts to this passage. 1. A description of the party and the people there, including a comment on what people think...

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The fifth child worksheet 3

WORKSHEET 3 The scene takes place in Harriet and David's home, first in their bedroom, cf l. 5-6: ”It's this room, I swear it's a baby-maker, l. 30: ”Harriet lay weeping on her bed ...” and l. 33: “He sat on his side of the bed...” and finally in the kitchen”, cf l.60: “She sat at the head of the table-the position near the stove-” Soon after they have bought their big Victorian House, Harriet is pregnant. She & David are going to announce her pregnancy when David's...

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The sea system

The SEA's Program  The RELAPSE System             RELAPSE  - for overcoming relapse  In recovery from the behavioral consequences of low self-esteem, the Self-Esteem Seekers Anonymous Program recognizes that relapse into old behaviors is a reality. The goal of the SEA's program, however, is to help you so that the incidences of relapse become fewer, that a greater time span occurs between each relapse, and that each relapse lessens in intensity over time. To help you to deal with...

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de Montaigne 'Un honnête homme c'est un honnête mêle"?

aux enfants, pour leur éduction. Children love fairy tales because they love all that is magical and wonderful. Fairy tales are made ​​to always end well, "and they lived happily until the end of time, and had many children," and that the Gentiles against the bad guys always win. Fairy tales give the print the child to be safe. This child, so starts instead of the hero, who is "good" and should be rewarded for his actions. the boy starts instead of the hero, which helps often people, and shows bravery...

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‘Perrault's naivety is a cloak for deeper implications’ (georges dinkel). discuss

Literary fairy tales borrow heavily from the oral folk tales of the peasant tradition (as well from myth, Romance, and literary sources like Apuleius’s Golden Ass and Boccaccio’s Decameron), but these motifs are crafted and reworked through a single author’s imagination Georges Dinkel argues that ‘Perrault’s naivety is a cloak for deeper implications’, in order to argue his view, it would be interesting to have a look at the historical context within which Perrault wrote his tales, the realism of...

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Alice in wonderland

CHAPTER III 1. In what ways can the Caucus-Race be interpreted as satiric? This race, as Carroll portrays it, is intended to satirize politics. The course is circular so that the participants are actually running in circles, covering the same ground, and obviously, getting nowhere. In the end, everyone receives a prize. Carroll is making fun of political races, which the politicians congratulate each other and are rewarded for participating in what some may view as a pointless race. No one...

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The fifth child

 THE FIFTH CHILD VOCABULARY p.9 a freak un monstre, un phénomène an oddball un excentrique an affair une liaison reluctanly à contrecoeur to joke plaisanter to reckon estimer, penser lace de la dentelle witty spirituel, plein d'esprit to wrap up emballer a layer une couche p.10 unkindly méchamment contempt le mépris enlightened éclairé childhood enfance indeed en effet unfortunate malchanceux misfit inadapté old-fashioned démodé towards en direction de, vers to smile sourire ...

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The creation of a global language

INTRODUCTION The Linguistic Society of America (LSA) is an organization that focuses on the scientific study of language and its development. The association works towards the understanding of the structures, cores and origins of worldwide means of communication. Guy Deutscher, the scholar whose ideas will be the focus of this work, was born in Israel on 1979. After obtaining his undergraduate degree in Mathematics at the University of Tel Aviv, he went on to pursue a PhD in Linguistics at the University...

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How has china become the first manufactory in the world?

been said in the imperialist media about the 60th anniversary of the Chinese Revolution, especially considering that one-fifth of the world's people live in China and that it has become the manufacturing hub for much of the globe. If you added up all the people of North, Central and South America, plus the Caribbean—in other words, all the 38 countries of the Western Hemisphere--you would still need to add 400 million more people to reach the size of China. And the many different peoples in China all...

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Unwanted pregnancies in sweden and in france : the balance

abortion in Sweden, the balance Benoit GEOFFROY Mid Sweden University, department of social work Introduction Unwanted pregnancy is a worldwide problem that often leads to abortion, both legal and illegal. In Sweden since 1975, the year the actual Abortion act was promulgated, the average number of abortions is around 30.000 a year (Wilow K & Liber AB, 2000), but this number is increasing and reached 38.053 in 2000, as against 30.771 10 years earlier. More generally, abortion levels in Northern...

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Amélie poulain -

Amélie - Analyse the trajectory of the female protagonist and the way in which the film encourages the viewer to assess what happens to her. Jeunet’s movie Amélie was an international success that divided France. Many were choked by ‘the film’s whitewashing of Paris’ (Dudley), the very noticeable use of CGI, the ‘ tricks and stereotypes’, the fact that the film was filled with ‘hackneyed images of eternal “Frenchness”’ (Film Comment)...

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At the sign of the cat and racket

AT THE SIGN OF THE CAT AND RACKET Half-way down the Rue Saint-Denis, almost at the corner of the Rue du Petit-Lion, there stood formerly one of those delightful houses which enable historians to reconstruct old Paris by analogy. The threatening walls of this tumbledown abode seemed to have been decorated with hieroglyphics. For what other name could the passer-by give to the Xs and Vs which the horizontal or diagonal timbers traced on the front, outlined by little parallel cracks in the plaster...

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The handmaid's tale, margaret atwood (chapter 1), commentaire

The document under-study consists of an excerpt taken from the novel entitled The Handmaid’s Tale written by Margaret Atwood and published in 1985. It is the first chapter of the novel. The text can be divided into 3 parts: in the two first paragraphs, the narrator remembers that she -with her inmates- has once been sleeping in a gymnasium in which she had a lot of memories: she remembers all the activities that had once been hold there but something had already changed at the moment when they were...

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Teh handmaid's tale

d’Anglais sur « The Handmaid’s Tale » Sujet n°2 Feminism : 1. Definition : Feminism is a movement which wants that women are more important than men and it wants to improve situation of women in the society. 2. Offred’s Mother as an example for the feminist movement: Offred’s mother is the perfect feminist character in this story and we will use this character to describe feminism. Feminists wanted abortion rights and the banning of pornography. In chapter 7, Offred...

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Care of dependant elderly people in france

January 10th The care of the dependent elderly people in France 1/15 ABSTRACT Ageing population is a global phenomenon all across Europe, and France has to face the problem too. The increase number of elderly in France is a challenge for the governmental policies. Today, the policies have to answer the request of the population about elderly. These policies focus on the home care policy and on the development of the care institutions. The aim is to give a good way of living to the elderly by...

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Waterland summary

1984) is a complex tale set in eastern England's low-lying fens region. It is narrated by Tom Crick, a middle-aged history teacher. Tom is facing a personal crisis, since he is about to be laid off from his job and his wife has been admitted to a mental hospital. He is a man who is keenly interested in ideas about the nature and purpose of history. Faced with a class of bored and rebellious students, he scraps the traditional history curriculum and tells them stories of the fens instead. These stories...

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The mezzotint

The Mezzotint (1904) by M.R. James The Mezzotint, written by M.R. James in 1904 is one of the many ghost stories the author is famous for. This short story is typical of the ghost story in many ways that we will develop, but with an originality that almost undermines the genre. The Mezzotint is constructed like so many ghost stories, with the apparition of a disruptive something that cannot be explained by the rational known rules that govern the world and the mind, and this apparition takes...

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Django reinhardt and the gypsy jazz

DJANGO REINHARDT AND THE GYPSY JAZZ. SUMMARY 0. INTRODUCTION…………………………………………………………………. p. 1 1. DEfinition AND origines……………………………………………………. p. 1 2. ROUTE OF DJANGO IN JAZZ …...................……………………………………. p. 2 3.THE HEIRS OF DJANGO OR THE GYPSY JAZZ 40's to 2000 …….……...........p. 4 DISCOGRAPHY…………………………………………………………………………….. p. 6 FILMOGRAPHY……………………………………………………………………………. p. 6 0.INTRODUCTION Within the Gypsy jazz movement we usually know the name Jean-Baptiste "Django"...

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Doing business in malaysia

WORKING IN MALAYSIA Paul Coldwell EBS London IHRM MGT 352 Table of Contents 1. Terms of reference....................................................................... 3 2. Malaysia....................................................................................... 3 2.1 People & Culture............................................................... 4 2.2 Language………………………………………...

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Lettres persanes

....................... 280 Fig. 25 : No. 395, 1950............................................................................... 284 Fig. 26 : No. 579, non daté....................................................................... 287 Fig. 27 : The Flowers, 1948...................................................................... 291 Fig. 28 : No. 532, 1951............................................................................... 293 Fig. « Para Lavar » ................................

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Vocabulaire anglais

|Atteindre son but | |To launch ≠ to throw | Lancer (missile) ≠ lancer (pierre, ballon, …) | |The mankind |L’humanité | |A leap ≠ a jump |Un saut (en avant) ≠ un saut (vers le haut)...

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The fifth child

I. Harriet a maternal figure   This novel focuses on the arrival of Ben in the family, its impact on others. Indeed Ben destroys the family. The viewpoint is that of the mother (with an occasional passing the first person), who everyone seems to blame the existence of Ben. Harriet is without doubt the most character in this novel, she plays in our view is mainly a subjective narrator role. We can understand the meaning of the book, its moral, show us how difficult it is extremely painful after...

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The road

moves in the ravaged landscape save the ash on the wind. It is cold enough to crack stones, and when the snow falls it is gray. They sky is dark. Their destination is the coast, although they don't know what, if anything, awaits them there. They have nothing; just a pistol to defend themselves against the lawless bands that stalk the road, the clothes they are wearing, a cart of scavenged food — and each other. The Road is the profoundly moving story of a journey. It boldly imagines a future in which...

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Tell-tale heart and the relevance of it's title

like the short story. Yet the title is what completes it. This is also the case with The Tell-Tale Heart, by Edgar Allan Poe, a mysterious writer, where – as you might guess – a heart is what succumbs someone to guilt to end p telling the tale of his wrong-doing. The title, in this short story, is extremely relevant to the story. It’s what gives readers an impression of what could happen. If the author had called it “The ticking time bomb” or ‘The greatest treasure of all is your sanity’, the title...

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1) Les professeurs ▪ the teacher : le professeur ▪ the headmaster/ the headmistress : le (la) principal(e) ▪ to teach someone something : enseigner quelque chose à quelqu'un. ▪ lenient : indulgent ▪ authoritarian : autoritaire ▪ to earn respect : se faire respecter 2) Les cours ▪ to go to school : aller à l'école ▪ to attend school : assister aux cours ▪ a schoolgirl/ a schoolboy : un écolier/ une écolière ▪ a pupil : un élève ; a student : un étudiant ▪ a sixth...

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Child and the death

I- The Bereavement---------------------------------------------------p.2 II- Stages in the mourning for the child and consequences----p.5 III- Ways to help---------------------------------------------------------p.7 BIBLIOGRAPHIE INTRODUCTION If certain children escape this cruel fate that is the death of one of theirs, there are others than fate do not save. Preceded sometimes by a serious illness or arisen brutally following an accident or following a suicide, the death...

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The curious incident of the dog in the night-time

on families of Autism linked to the Boone’s Family             To begin with, the norm can be defined as being where the majority of the people stands. However, every single human being is different in numerous altered ways. These social, emotional, logical or artistic differences are expressed in various manners and represent the intelligence of someone. In this way, a person that is considered as being mentally ill might have some major dissimilarities with the standards, but is not necessarily...

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The oval portrait [ e.a. poe]

written and published in 1842 by Edgar Allan Poe, was originally named Life in Death. Poe decided in 1845 to excise the text, conserving only the most important elements in The Oval Portrait .These elements are not the ones we see at first – an easily read gothic story- but are about others issues, more sophisticated. Through the study of the atmosphere and the characters of this tale, we will demonstrate the gothic beauty of the text and find its symbolical interpretation. The atmosphere of a text...

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Is the notion of interactivity more efficient on children's learning in traditional or digital illustration?

Is the notion of interactivity more efficient on children’s learning in traditional or digital illustration? Since the creation of the Internet in the early 1980’s, this new media has considerably grown and changed our everyday lives and behaviours. In all domains and for every one, the power of New Technology influences us in our choices and decisions. This also includes children that are nowadays very used to manipulate computers at a very early age. This fact has changed the way that kids...

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The relationship between childhood and adulthood

The connection between adulthood and childhood Throughout the three poems, Half past two by U.A.Fanthorpe, Piano by D.H.Lawrence and Poem at Thirty Nine by Alice Walker, the themes of childhood and adulthood are put in relief. There is always a communication between the two worlds and an every day event or a sensory detail can suddenly make them connect. The poem Half past Two expresses the innocence of childhood. Piano talks about the transforming power of music that makes the speaker...

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For the abolition of the death penalty in america: the advocacy of robert badinter

HUMAN RIGHTS QUARTERLY For the Abolition of the Death Penalty in America: The Advocacy of Robert Badinter Martin A. Rogoff* Robert Badinter, Contre la peine de mort: Écrits 1970-2006 (Librarie Arthème Fayard, Paris, 2006), pp. 320; Robert Badinter, L’Abolition (Librarie Arthème Fayard, Paris, 2000), pp. 286. ABSTRAcT This essay reviews two books by Robert Badinter, former President of France’s Constitutional Council and former French Minister of Justice. Taken together, they describe his successful...

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Commentary the handmaid's tale, margaret atwood

Commentary The Handmaid’s Tale, Margaret Atwood. In 1985, Margaret Atwood saw her novel The Handmaid’s Tale published. The latter is considered as a science-fiction novel in the republic of Gilead, where utopy can’t be reached. We should add that this imagined society subjugate women by men : women’ bodies represent objects used for a « better » world. They are called handmaids and they bear barren couples’ children with the aim of rising reproduction rates and improve...

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The solitaire mystery

I. INTRODUCTION : The Solitaire Mystery is written by Jostein Gaarder. The book was published in 1990 and the time of the story is in the 1980’s -1999. The publisher is Berkley Pub Groups. The books genre is hard to define but it is a novel, fable, fairy story, philosophical and more. Jostein Gaarder is best known as the author of Sophie’s World. It contains 368 pages. II. SYNOPSIS : Hans Thomas is a twelve-year old boy searching for his mother. He goes on a journey with his father from...

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Working conditions in the us and in the uk

a) child labour Child labour is the employment of children under a specified legal age. In most western countries, children can work as soon as they are 14, but only under specific conditions. In the US, the Fair Labor Standards Act of 1938 set the minimum age for employment in non-manufacturing countries at 14. In developing countries, millions of children work in mines, factories, quarries and they usually carry out hazardous occupations. They make up more than 10% of the workforce...

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Arabian nights

The Arabian Nights Lang, Andrew Published: 1898 Categorie(s): Fiction, Fairy Tales, Folk Tales & Mythology, Juvenile Source: 1 About Lang: Andrew Lang (March 31, 1844, Selkirk – July 20, 1912, Banchory, Kincardineshire) was a prolific Scots man of letters. He was a poet, novelist, and literary critic, and contributor to anthropology. He now is best known as the collector of folk and fairy tales. The Andrew Lang lectures at St Andrews University are named for him...

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