20Eme siecle developpement

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The twentieth century has seen more development than any preceding century.
What evidence can you offer to support this statement?

There are many significant changes since the beginning of thetwentieth century until now. Indeed, the appearance of globalisation has completely turned upside down mentalities, customs and standards of living. In fact, many countries are more open, eitherphysically or culturally which means that actually borders don’t exist such as before. The “free trade” is effective, and people are more open minded and become aware of the benefits of globalisation.In addition, globalisation is a phenomenon which represents the exchange between countries and cultures. It based on global network of communication, transportation and trade. Actually, the effortsmade in technology permit to be more competent, for example, the appearance of the Internet has changed many things like the way to communicate all around the world. Several years ago all thedocuments were sent by fax, or mail.
Moreover, the internet has led to an extraordinary exchange between countries, because we can sell products, or book tickets flight to discover different cultures.Actually, we can also find some information, study and learn. At last, it’s a real revolution for 15 years, which has completely transformed the state of mind of people. From my perspective, the internetis the most relevant improvement of the century in term of communication and technology.
However, there are many other forms of development due to globalisation. For example, transportation has asignificant improvement with more destinations than before, and a decreasing price for flights tickets. It is become easier to travel and discover other lands.
To conclude, the most importantfactor which has turned upside down the twentieth century is globalisation. Indeed, it has led in many transitions and improvements, like the easy ways to communicate and travel all around the world.
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