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In the sextin’s century the Queen Elisabeth scribe an act to relieve the poor laws in the poor laws they say : “gave responsibilities has the parish to take care of very poor persons”
Charlie Chaplin lived in a workhouse
A workhouse was a place that welcomed the English people who are unable to meet their needs. In the workhouse there was the orphans , the poor . The poor are working 18 hours per day in living conditions more precarious than the lowest paid workers .Girls and boys were separated
Men, women and children are separated; old and sick people are also being an away from other
Children, often poorly educated working for workhouse or were apprenticed
Discipline is very strict and starvation is common punishments
The food was terrible beds were uncomfortably
Many workhouses are then simply transformed into "Public Assistance Institution" The suicide rate was high (in the worhouse )

Most workhouses were converted into hospital spéciale during the II Word War1 août 2004 - Découvrez Vipère au poing (1948) le livre de Hervé Bazin sur ... d'Hervé Bazin; Résumé; Les personnages dans Vipère au poing; Les ...
Vipère au poing (Hervé Bazin, résumé, livre) - L'EXPRESS‎ Vipère au poing est un roman largement autobiographique d' Hervé Bazin, publié en 1948. Le livre décrit l'enfance et l' adolescence du narrateur, Jean Rezeau ...
Vipère au poing de Hervé Bazin - aLaLettre‎ Vipere au Poing de Herve Bazin sur alalettre site dédié à la littérature, biographie, ... Vipère au poing est le premier roman d'Hervé Bazin. ... Résumé du roman .... Achetez des livres à propos de « bazin vipere » chez l'un de nos partenaires.
Vipère au poing — Wikipédiaère_au_poing‎ Pour les articles homonymes, voir Vipère au poing (homonymie). ... Le livre décrit l'enfance et l'adolescence du narrateur, Jean

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