American history

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American History.

1775-1783 : American Revolutionary war
1776: Declaration of independance
1789: Bill of rights
November 1773: Boston Tea Party
1846-1848: Mexican war
1809-1865: Abraham Lincoln
1860-1865: Lincoln President
1848-1852: Californian Gold Rush
January 1st, 1892- November 12th 1954: Ellis Island
October 24th, 1929: Black Thursday
1919-1933: Prohibition

[pic] :means“consequences”

American Revolutionnary war:

From 1775 to 1783
In America and Europe
Opposing GB and 13colonies
Cause: colonists in the US rejected the rights of British Parliament to govern them without representation

Before: revolutionary waves
April 18th, 1775: battle of Concord
September 3rd, 1783: freedom of 13 colonies

[pic]France in debt ($187 million), Frenchrevolution in 1789

Declaration of independence:

by the 2nd Continental Congress
on July 4th, 1776
in Pennsylvania Statehouse
with 56 signatories (including Jefferson’s and Fanklin’s)
It declares the FREEDOM of the 13colonies.
July 4th: federal holiday.

BUT : American Independence in 1783.

Bill of Rights:

10 first Amendments of the Constitution, about personalrights.
[pic]set limits about what the government can/can’t do in regards of personnal liberties.
In 1789 by James Madison (during 1st US Congress)
BUT: into effect on December 15th, 1789.
There are 14 copies of it.

Mexican war:

1810: Mexican Independence
1836: Texan people ‘s (mostly Americans) will of belonggging to the US.
-First, no consequences,
but soon, Mexico began tolose control, so the wanted war.
1845: Texas becomes a US state
1846: Mexian troops in Texas
May 13rd, 1846: beginning of Mexian war
1847: Mexica city captured (general W. Scott)
1848: American victory, Mexico has lost 55% of its territory.

Boston Tea Party:

Tea trade before Tea Act of 1773 : ( = sells to

Asia ( British East India Company( Tea Merchants[pic] but BEIC is in Financial trouble ( TEA ACT

Tea Trade after Tea Act:

Asia ( British East India Company( colonists

Tea Act: help from Parliament who decided that BEIC could sell directly to colonists.
[pic] plummet of Tea Price
Americans buy more tea to British.

BUT : Protest from colonists, tea merchants and consumers, who thought it was a British trick
[pic]respond with a boycott.

Boston Tea Party: on November 1773,
3ships land in Boston
by ‘ sons of liberty’ and Samuel Adams.
342 chests tea floated in the harbour.

Abraham Lincoln:

Born in 1809.
Becomes a farmer,
Interested in law, becomes a country lawyer, tries to be a member of US Senate.

Elected president in 1860, 1st republicanpresident.
Leads the north/ unionists/ abolitionists during the Civil war (against slavery.)
Many wanted his dead, including Booth:
Kidnap and release in exchange of the exoneration (disculpation) of Confederate prisoners on death row (quartier des condamnés à mort)
assassination after a play (partly because Blacks acquired the right to vote)
on April 14th , 1865Greatest manhunt in History (looking for Booth)


Californian Gold Rush:

January 4th 1848: discovery of gold (kept secret) Marshall, and his boss, John Sutter.
December 5th, 1848: it becomes official, the gold rush begins.

Rise of population in California. Immigrants came by ships and covered wagons.
Camps were created, and divided into claims.

1852: gold has becomescarce
1859: discovery of silver.

Ellis Island and Immigration in the 20th century.

January 1st, 1892- November 12th 1954

2% were rejected (because they were sick…)

American immigration refers to the movement of non-residents to the US.
Bill Clinton said in 1998 that “the US has always been energized by its immigrant population”
Meaning they are a source of cultural...
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