Analyse marketing iphone sur 3 pays européen

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France is a Constitutional Republic, we are in its Vth Republic since 1958 The actual president is Nicolas Sarkozy There are three powers :Executive, Legislative and Judiciary. The legislative power is shared by the National assembly and the Senate. The European policy : Since 1945, Europe became the principal line ofdevelopment of the French foreign policy. France supports the establishment of new companies, for example the Toyota plant in Valenciennes set up in 1998, Toyota achieved low taxes and subsidies. Currency : euro GDP (gross domestic product) : $2.867 trillion France ranked at the 5th position on GDP‟s list Inflation : -0,2% Exportations : 601 $ (2008) Importations : 692 $ (2008) Product : engines &travel engines, aeronautic, plastic products, chemical products, pharmaceutical products, iron & steel, drinks, machines, capital goods, cars, oil, aircrafts , plastic products & chemical With an estimated population of 65.1 million people, France is the 19th most populous country in the world. France's largest cities are Paris, Marseille, Lyon, Lille, Toulouse, Nice, and Nantes. Social insurancesystem Retirement Minimum wage : SMIC (1337€ gross)‫‏‬ Life expectancy : >80 years Unemployment :9,1 (2009)‫‏‬ Human development index : 0,961 (very high)‫‏‬ France ranked at the 8th position on HDI‟s list France is not the country of technology compared to other European countries as Scandinavian countries or Germany and Switzerland We can notice in an other point that there are more and moregraduated in science and engineering, and France provides subsidies and helps in the launching of innovative companies. An abusive use of naturals resources since 2 centuries : an extremely polluted environment & eutrophication due to fertilizer Important naturals resources and biodiversity reforestation and replanting of trees Control Environment : Sustainable development, Fights against globalwarning, Peace keeping, Fights against terrorism It is easy to create a company in France if you have French nationality or a residence card. There are a lot of juridical status for your company protecting you, for example the SARL (LTD) which protect your personal goods against bankrupt. Currently a law to remove the business tax is studied, to help companies in this crisis context and to attractother companies







The United Kingdom is a constitutional monarchy Monarch : Queen Elizabeth II Prime Minister : Gordon Brown The UK's three major political parties are the Labour Party, the Conservative Party, and the Liberal Democrats. The position of Prime Minister (the UK's head of government),belongs to the Member of Parliament who can obtain the confidence of a majority in the House of Commons. The United Kingdom is the sixth largest economy in the world and the third largest in Europe after Germany and France. For 25 years the British economy has to be designated by some since the 1980s as the Anglo-Saxon model, relying in particular on the principles of liberalism, free market, lowtaxation. The United Kingdom has significant energy resources: coal, gas, oil ... although these last two are decreasing. The primary energy production accounts for 10% of UK GDP, a much more important than most industrialized countries. GDP total : $2.228 trillion Currency : Pound sterling The total population of the United Kingdom was 58,8 millions, the third largest in the European Union The literacyrate is 99% and the school is compulsory from age 5 to age 16 years The key elements of the "Welfare State“ : Social Security, Health, Housing, Education, and Welfare and children (the 'personal social services') The 'Welfare State' was not intended to respond to poverty. The main purpose was to encourage the provision of the social services on the same basis as the public services - roads,...
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