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Pub Hollywood chewing-gum : (style) (Smile cœur liquide) (sphère) (ice fresh)

Pub Freedent chewing gum : (fusion) (tablette) (mybag) (box)
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Wm. Wrigley Jr. Company
Hollywood chewing-gum
Be Cool Be Cool
Black Black
AirwavesHubba Bubba
I/ L'histoire de Chewing-gum : History of Chewing-gum
II/ La Préparation du Chewing-gum : Preparation of Chewing-gum
III/ Les inconvénients du Chewing-gum : Disadvantageof Chewing gum
IV/ Différentes publicités : The various advertisements
I/ History of chewing-gum.
In 1869, Antonio Lopez of Santa Anna, Mexican general, is huntedby his country by the revolution. He arrives to New York with 250 kilograms of sap, he wanted that his sap, called chicle, replaces the rubber.
He confided his sap to Adams so that henegotiates. Finally the rubber will not be replaced by the chicle and Antonio returned to his country, Adams will keep the stock which he will resell in a pharmacy. His chicle was a success.Adam invests 55 dollars to reconstitute his stock and he created «Adam New york Chewing-gum».
William J. WHIT adds it some syrup of glucose: "Yucatan chewing gum".
William F.SAMPLE, dentist of the Ohio, obtains the first certificate of the invention of the chewing gum.
History of Chewing-gum in France.
1917: The French people discover " dough to be chewed "...
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