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9. Fill in the blanks by words from the text. (2 pts)

The water falls on the tops of buildings. Then, thanks to a system of pipes it is a tank and finally ends upin a plastic bag.

10. RIGHT or WRONG? Justify your answer by quoting [citer] the text. (6 pts)

a) In the types of countries mentioned in the text it ispreferable to drink ground water. WRONG. . “Unlike ground water, rainwater contains no minerals or salts

and is free of chemical treatments. Best of all, it is free.”

b)The system is cheap. RIGHT. “the total cost to build

this rainwater harvesting system is about forty dollars. However, International Development

Enterprisesexpects the price to drop over time.”

c) The tanks are very small. WRONG. “The group says one tank can provide a family

of five with enough rainwater to survive afive-month dry season”

d) The tanks need to be protected. RIGHT “However, if the bags are not damaged by sunlight, they could last even longer.”

e) The“first-flush” device works as a filter. WRONG “It protects the water inside the tank from evaporating. The cover also prevents mosquito insects from laying eggs in the water.”f) The system may provide quite a lot of water. RIGHT “All total, the water storage system can hold up to three-thousand-five-hundred liters of water”

11. Name thedifferent elements of the system. (3 pts)

The system is composed of : pipes, two-meter tall storage tank made of metal, wire screen, the “first-flush”, plastic bags,a raised structure.

12. Give two reasons why the maintenance of the system will be cheap. (2 pts)

The maintenance of the system will be cheap because they will
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