Anglais - dialogue immigrants mexicains

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January, 3rd, 2011

When Cándido and América reached the boarder between Mexico and the US, they saw dozens of Mexican people waiting for the sun to set: they could only cross at night because of the border patrol... While waiting, Cándido started talking to José, a poor peasant from Alamos, in the state of Sonora. José was with his wife Luisa and their 10-year-old son Manuelito.

“Hello Sir, I hope I don't bother you...” Cándido shyly began hoping to have a chat with the man sitting next to him, “my name is Cándido. I'm here with my wife América.” “Nice to meet you Cándido, I'm José and here's my wife Luisa,” the man calmly replied, “and our son Manuelito is playing over there with some other kids, he's ten years old.” “Oh, you have a son! Are you guys planing to cross the boarder tonight as well?” Cándido enquired, “We both are kind of nervous!” he then confessed. “Aren't you?” “Well... I get it, you know, because although people only cross at night there are always a few of us who get caught... I was myself, when I was a teenager actually.” José admited, “You have to be very cautious.” he warned. “I will. So, it's not the first time you try your luck! Why do you want to go to the US so bad?” Cándido naively asked, because he knew everyone around him would answer the same. “And where are you from by the way? My wife and I are from Tijuana, it's actually not far from here.” “We're from Alamos, Sonora. We were workings in fields there. It's been a exhausting week on the road you know, we mostly hitchhiked and walked. It's 600 miles away! We've been saving money for this crossing for ages. Life's becoming too difficult for us there, we're just getting poorer every year: the harvest is lean because of the drought... We work hard 24/7 but we barely make ends meet. Honestly, what we're the most worried about is our son: we don't want him to have this kind of future, and he's growing up so I want him to get a chance to study. It's

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