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The hope & Life .

Proposed construction of school in bamboo in Nepal , Teach and educate children from disadvantaged communities in Nepal.

Thousands of children across Nepal,which is one of the poorest countries of the world have no access to even basic primary school. The literacy rate of Nepal is one of the lowest in the world, less than 50%, that isto say that about one in two children will never read nor write. The public education system of Nepal is lacking. He is unable to provide a quality basic education. The few privateschools available are expensive and therefore inaccessible to many.

Their children need to go to school, that's why I decided to create my project .. the goal of my project is toallow access to this basic right to education for over 3000 children, education is a key factor of progress for the child. She can forget some of the poverty, to build projects for thefuture, to have a social life, see friends .. Educated children help their families in the management of current business, introduce new methods in agriculture ..

The choice of atype of school construction in bamboo was a natural for many reasons, but primarily economic. Indeed, for 5 Million Nepalese Rupees or 50 000 €, the project can be completed. Bamboois an inexpensive material, available locally in large quantities without the risk of deforestation and solid.

Children will also have medical care, school supplies, a canteen inorder to be properly nourished ,water and electricity using money collected through concerts, selling T shirt ...
Being a doctor, I'll assume the medical visits in the schools andwe have trained many people in Nepal to ensure the role of teachers. I really want this project to heart, her children need this project and this school! I hope all goes well!
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