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Mary on Horseback
By” Rosemary Wells”

Mary Breckinridge was a nurse who helped thousands of people. She lost her two children and decided to dedicate her life to help people in need.
She went to the Appalachian Mountains of Kentucky where people live in tiny cabins and without running water. They die from simple diseases that could have be treated with simple medicine but there no clinic there .So she decided to piled a clinic and this way help those people .While she was a live she had the idea of becoming the formation of the Frontiere nursing service helping these poor people. She marked many lives.

First John Hawkin who was an Appalachian boy. She rescued his father by not cutting his leg and she took care of him by sending him to the capital in an hospital that is when she had this of bulding a clinic .John’s father was saved and Mary took good care of john and thought him that he could be anything he wanted .
Margaret was a bored nurse at eighteen so she wanted some changes that is why she applied to Mary’s demand of help .when she went there she learned how to be patient and also a hard worker .She had to count all the people of this village by visiting each cabin and same time she had to help those who are sick. finally, we will talk about pearl an Appalachian who was left by her father at the clinic because her mother died and left them with two baby born so he abandoned them and Pearl began to lurn Mary’s.
Pearl didn’t talk since her mother died and only Mary made her talk.
By Yara El Khatib
Grade 7

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