Australie en questions

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L’Australie en questions

11 - Quelle est la plus haute montagne ?. Combien de mètres ? Où est-ce ?
What is the highest mountain? How many meters? Where is it?
With its 2 228 meters altitude, themount Kosciusko is the highest peak of the Australian continent. It is located in the center of the Australian Alps at 150 kilometers southwest from Canberra.

12 - Qu’est-ce que la grande barrièrede corail ? Où est-ce ?
What is the great barrier reef? Where is it?
The great barrier reef is the largest coral reef in the world (2600 kilometers). It consists of colonies of coral. It is locatedoff the coast of Queensland.

14 – Sur quoi se base surtout l’économie australienne ?
On what basis the Australian economy ?
Australia exports mainly commodities and imports finished products.Agriculture and mining continue to play a leading role in the economy of Australia.

15 – Quel genre d’industrie peut-on trouver?
What type of industry can be found in Australia?
Australia ranksfirst world for the production and export of wool.
Mines represent a major industry: Australia is a leading provider of mineral products: iron, bauxite (1st rank), aluminum, coal, gold, nickel, silverand uranium. The country also gets diamonds and provides more than 90% of the worldwide produced opals.

16 – Cite 5 animaux et leur description.
Give five animals and their description.
-Kangourou : is a marsupial. He has grey hair, it moves bouncing on its rear legs and at full speed, it may make the bonds of nine meters. His weight is between 30 (for the female) and 60 kilos (for themale). For a size of 1,50 to 1,80 meters.
- Koala: it is an arboricole marsupial. It is sixty to eighty five centimeters tall and his weight can vary from 6 to 12 kilos. He lives on average 10years for males and 15 years for females. It sleeps 18 hours a day, but can move quickly when it is afraid.
- The Tasmanian Devil: is a species of carnivorous marsupial living only on the island of...
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