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L’obamania plus forte en France qu’aux États-Unis

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A study conducted by OpinionWay on the subject of the opinion of the French in regard to the results of the American presidential elections showed that the French are quite possibly more enthusiastic about the new president elect Barack Obama than Americans.

According to 85% of French respondents, the successor of George W. Bush is a “bonne chose” whereas among Americans, only 43% hold this same opinion. This shows that Americans are much more divided between republicans and democrats on their opinions of who should in fact be the next president.

The French also believe at a rate of 77% that the election of Barack Obama will lead to improved French-American relations. This idea is supported among the different parties in France. Regardless of a French person’s political affiliation with their own politics, the majority of supporters within all French political parties lean towards support for Barack Obama.

The survey also reveals that the French expect improvements to be made in America’s foreign involvement as well as their impact on the environment. However, the French are less convinced that the election of Obama will lead to an improvement of the current financial crisis.

The French believe that Obama is a politician close to the center which is in contrast to many attacks that were made on Obama by McCain and his supporters referring to him as a socialist.

The study also found that Nicolas Sarkozy is perceived as the French politician closest to Obama in terms of political ideologies; however, most French people believe that Obama is not comparable to any of France’s national leaders.

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Les élections américaines n’ont jamais suscité autant d’engouement en France! Elles ont couvert dans tous les journaux télés, magazines et journaux. Les Français ont suivi tous les débats et certains ont même passé une nuit blanche pour savoir si Barack

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