Bloody sunday

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The 30th January 1972 is a fatal date in the Ireland’s history: a peaceful march in Derry for Civil Rights becomes a nightmare.
Ireland and Britain are known for their difficult commonpast. Their disagreements exist since several centuries and it seems wars between Catholics and Protestants are presents for a long time.
It’s a human tragedy at the height of her reputation.

FactsIn January 1972 a huge civil rights march, judged illegal by the Unionist Government, took place in the streets of the Bogside in order to enter in Derry. But the army didn’t want this. Beingafraid of a possible riot, soldiers set up 26 barriers to try to keep the demonstrators in their limits.
Because of this violent atmosphere, the crowd started to throw stones at the army.
Authoritiesdidn’t need more to trigger off hostilities.
They first used water cannons and rubber bullets but they quickly change their harmless ammunitions into real bullets.
This peaceful march killed 14innocent people in the name of the civil rights.


Britain and Ireland are involved from each other since 1155 when Henry II invaded Ireland. Even if Ireland was a Catholic country, ElizabethI changed it into a Protestant country. Then, the first king of England and Scotland, James I took lots of land off the Catholics and gave it to the Protestants. It is the famous plantation of Ulsterin 1609. Then, the next famous fact is the battle of the Boyne in 1690 when William of Orange won a great victory against James II. The Protestantism won against the Catholicism.
Of course, somemore recent problems appeared in the nineteenth and twentieth centuries too. Irish people were not glad of their situation and wanted home rule. They call for their independence. This wish is followedof lots of violence and the IRA and UVF were born, each for the Ireland’s status. It’s since 1920-21 that the separation of the two religions became clearly visible because the Protestant lived in...
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