Blue valentine

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Blue Valentine
Written by Derek Cianfrance & Cami Delavigne and Joey Curtis

Official White Script 4/5:

96 Pages

Writer's Guild of America: RO7380 - 00

EXT. RURAL SUBURBAN STREET - DAWN - PRESENT DAY A 5-year old girl wanders alone, lost in her neighborhood. FRANKIE (barely audible) Me-gan! INT. PERIERA HOME - PRESENT DAY FRANKIE crawls through a dog door. She walks into the living room where... DEAN PERIERA, 30 years old, hefty, sleeps in a lazyboy. FRANKIE (hushed) Get up, Get up. Frankie uses the footrest to crawl up onto her dad's belly. FRANKIE (cont’d) We have to go outside. DEAN (waking) What’s the matter baby? She sniffles. He notices. EXT. PERIERA HOME - BACK/FRONT YARDS - PRESENT DAY The back door opens and Dean carries Frankie to the yard. The first yellow rays of sunlight hit their faces. He looks over the lawn, an empty bowl, water tin and a doghouse posting the name MEGAN. The gate has been left OPEN.

DEAN Okay sweetheart go check in the house, see if she’s in there. He lets Frankie down on the ground. She crawls inside the doghouse. There's no one home. DEAN (cont’d) Megan! (CONTINUED)

Blue Valentine Official White as of 12/23/10 CONTINUED:


Dean carries Frankie to the front yard. They look around. FRANKIE When's she going to get back? DEAN Oh Buddy, she’s gonna come back. You know what we’ll put some water in her bowl, you know some food. She’s gonna get hungry she’s going to have to come back to eat right? I”m hungry right now. Are you hungry? You know I’m so hungy I could just eat your hand. Yeah, no no just let me have bite of your hand okay? Just one bite. How come I can’t have one bite? Just one finger. FRANKIE No! Dean’s optimism is infectious. Frankie nods slowly. DEAN You’ve got five of them. Dean pretends to gnaw at Frankie’s hand. Breaks her sadness. DEAN (cont’d) Okay we’ve got to be quiet when we wake up mommy okay. INT. PERIERA HOME - BEDROOM - 6:12AM - PRESENT DAY CINDY PERIERA, 28, sleeps in bed. Sunlight

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