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Djilani Abdoulkader
Licence 3 Physique parcours Physique

Devoir à Rendre d’ AnglaisThe moon always and forever sought-after

Scientists haven’t forgotten the moon even if they are focused on Mars in their researches. USA, Japan, China and Russia are among those countriesenlisted in this conquest of The Moon. Why suddenly a big interest?
The datas collected in the last project of the European Spatial Agency(ESA) called Smart-1 are not tired out .It had as a firstgoal to give a better composition of the moon in using the brand new technologies.
But all the regions of the Moon haven’t been analyzed and the questions which arise are if there is water on it andwhy so many differences between its two faces.

The moon, a colony for soon!

Men have been dreaming since a while to have the space under control and that’s what is explaining this new burst.The boss of Smart-1 , Mr. Bernard Foing said that the main reasons why the Moon is invaded: to have more datas for scientists use, to create a better collaboration in a same place between developednations, to create new markets …
Asia is on the stalls of this adventure with Japan and is assisted by USA predicting a big project. Europe is a bite more cooperative than Russia on this question. Thislast one is planning with China for projects which will not be effective before 2020.
Japan is on a project called Serene which had as a first goal to orbit the Earth the probe Kaguya. It seems to bethe biggest project since Apollo with sophisticated means in order to go into the story of the Moon in-depth.
Both of China and India are emergent countries and need to be among the powerful ones sothat’s why they are taking part to this battle. China is on the way to do the launching of Chang’e around the Moon with the Russian participation. This is the first step of a long process before...
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