Brave new world

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Brave New World

Summary:In the year 632 After Ford, according to the new time-reckoning, the Director of the Central London Hatchery and Conditioning Centre explained the working of his factory to a group of first-year students. What they saw was a process in making human beings. Eggs were painlessly taken from the female body and fertilized in bottles. The bottles contained special nutritivesolutions for each of the social classes, from Alpha plus to Epsilon minus, for which the future men and women were intended. Thanks to a brilliant invention by Bokanovsky it was possible to make each egg produce as many as 96 human beings, all exactly identical and therefore particularly suited for the performance of standardised tasks in society. Mass production, originally developed by thegreat Ford, ensured the material welfare of everybody; mental and spiritual troubles were effectively relieved by soma, a drug that makes you feels as if you were on a holiday. Individuality was banished; the slogan of the new society was Community, Identity, Stability. After “birth” (or decantation, as it was called) the babies were further conditioned for their predestined places in the community.The undergrads were deeply impressed by the Director’s inspired account as well as by the smooth efficiency of the machines and the trained workers in the factory. Their respect became even greater when Mustapha Mond, one of the ten World Controllers, joined them and lectured on the disgusting features of old-fashioned family life before modern scientific planning stepped in. They felt embarrassedat hearing him boldly use the obscene words father and mother. He told them to bear in mind that now sexual contact was a social obligation, for everyone belonged to everyone else. One of the After-Ford people who did not feel quite happy was Bernard Marx, whose was a bit like a Pre-Ford man owing to a mistake having been made during his period of incubation in the bottle. Too much alcohol hadbeen put into it by a careless female worker. He loved Lenina Crowne in the old way and could not stand the fact that in accordance with the modern code of social behaviour she had affairs with various men. By rocket ship Lenina and Bernard made a holiday to the Savage Reservation in New Mexico, a region where primitive society and old-fashioned ways of life were preserved in the interest of science.Among the Indians there they met a young white man called John. John told them that he was the son of a man called Tomakin, who had visited the Reservation many years ago in the company of a girl. Tomakin had left the girl and returned to civilisation. She gave birth to a son, John, and was slowly assimilated into the primitive life of the Indians. John’s only education had been what he couldpick up from an old collection of Shakespeare’s plays. Bernard at once guessed that John was the son of Bernard’s boss, the Director of Hatcheries, who had gone to New Mexico long ago with a girl and had returned without her. Bernard, curious to know what would be the influence of modern society on a young ‘savage’, asked John and his mother Linda to be his guests in London. John eagerly accepted,because he longed to see the wonderful world of which he had been told by his mother and because he was interested in Lenina.Back in London, Bernard faced disgrace when the Director of Hatcheries publicly accused him of unorthodox behaviour, which was regarded as the greatest crime. Bernard struck back by producing Linda and John, who greeted the Director as their husband and father. Theembarrassing scene caused the Director to resign office and disappear from public life.John, who attracted vivid attention in London, was horrified by all he saw and heard. The illusions he had cherished about civilized life were rudely shattered by the utter lack of humanity and culture and by the disregard of all the things his beloved Shakespeare had taught him to value. His innocent love for Lenina...
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