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I thank Jean-Charles and Christian Kernevez for having welcomed me for 10 weeks. This training course allowed me to discover the life of an exploitation with the advantages and the inconveniences which it contains. it was also beneficial me because he deepened my knowledge and taught me the management of a farm.


The exploitation is a FEIG between 2 brothersJean-Charles and Christian Kernevez manage this poultry specialized breeding and directed to the direct sale on the municipality of Pleuven enter the coast fouesnantais and Quimper. This farm has 81,6 ha of AUA among whom 20 in property.
The exploitation was created in 1981 by Jean-Charles who was join some years later by Christian.
To develop the company, the developers have already bet on an addedvalue with production and direct sale.
Today the ends of the partners are:
Spend time with the family and the extra-professional obligations
Perpetuate the company

The workshop free-range chickens represents more than 80 % of the gross margin. The exploitation.
Because of his mode of marketing in direct sale decided to invest in a slaughterhouse. This investment to licence to diversify theactivity and of this endowed a service of slaughterhouse.
In spite of the cultivated surface, the exploitation produces only 50 % of the distributed food. The rest is bought in farms around Quimper.
The exploitation employs 6,15 HWF besides 2 partners: 3 HWF working on 100 % on the phase transformation, 1 HWF works exclusively on the farm and 2 last ones HWF in the slaughterhouse and on thefarm.

Description of the environment

The department
The department of Finistère occupies the western extremity of Brittany. It has a rather important surface: 6 800 km2 what places it to 23rd rank of the French departments. It is lined by the sea on more than two thirds of its perimeter. Due to its geographical characteristics and the density of the breedings, Finistère is classified inVulnerable Zone, as all Brittany.
The Department profit of a relatively flat landscape with some made uneven reaching all the same 387 meters. Because the department is lined by the sea, it benefits from a moderate, a little windy and wet climate (the hydric amplitudes go of the simple to the double).
Finistère account 6990 professional farms, this number was divided by 2 since 1988. Incorrelation, we note a clear increase of the useful agricultural surface which, for the average exploitation Finistérienne, is situated in 73 ha.
Natural environment
The exploitation is situated in the locality Kerguilavant on the municipality of Pleuven in 6km of Fouesnant. On the pouring pond there are few farmers.
The pond overturning of Odet extends over a 715 km surface ², that is approximately 11% of the surface of Finistère.
It includes 37 municipalities, for the most part of average size (from 1 000 to 5 000 inhabitants). Only the municipality of Quimper exceeds 60 000 inhabitants. We shall note besides the strong tourist attendance of the littoral municipalities (Bénodet and Combrit).
Odet takes his source in the municipality of Saint-Gouazec in 180 meters in height before throwingitself into its estuarienne part(party) at the level 0. The slope averages of Odet reached about 7 %, it is less pronounced than that of its two main tributaries, Steïr and the Jet but stream is very oxygenated.
The pond-hillside of Odet appears under the shape of a basin registered in a tray of low height tilted towards the soHWFeast. The average height on the whole pond-hillside is 104meters.
The exploitation is implanted on the pond overturning of the odet. The surface of the pond-hillside with estuary is 715 km ² (1/10th of the total surface of Finistère).
It extends of Porzay and Black Mountains to Bénodet and Combrit.
The length of Odet is estimated at 62 km, among which 45 km of fresh water and 17 km of brackish water which correspond to the total length of the estuary....
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