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Wayne Postoak

Small Business Management

Olof D`zangue


January 18, 2010

Wayne Postoak got his first hand on business when, he was a kid, from his dad. But he ended upteaching in the classroom. Wayne grew up in a very large family: 6 brothers and six sisters. Wayne got his first training in business by his dad who owned a masonry company as well as the family truckfarm. Wayne was trained in bricklaying, the economy of movement. At an earlier age Wayne and his brothers were given assignment by his dad to build a walls made of brick.

As a teacher andbecause of their federal statute, which required teacher to take summer furlough, Wayne supplements his income by doing small construction project or jobs like: building sidewalks and fireplaces.Wayne also understood that with his teacher salary it will be impossible for all his four children to attend college. A conversation with a friend in the Anadarko area office of the bureau of IndiaAffairs mentioned the plans to build 36 bridges on the four Indian reservations in Kansas. The need to care for his family and dissatisfaction with his teaching job, Wayne began to think of a way tostart his own construction company.

I think that one of the advantages Wayne had been his background (training from his dad at an early age, and the fact that he was in a real sense of the word anentrepreneur. Another important thing was that all the 36 bridges to be built were on the four Indian reservations (Wayne is an Indian or Native American).

Because of his training inconstruction at a young age, Wayne had worked on several projects through his school year. But eventually or unfortunately Wayne did not go into construction industry. Now the events, the dissatisfaction ofhis current job as a teacher, the need to have his kids attend college made Wayne to have a deep thought about his future and that of his kids. I do believe that Wayne did a SWOT analysis.
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