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This is Pepe Romero’s ninth appearance with San Francisco Performances, in association with Omni Foundation for the Performing Arts. Previous concerts were in May 1992, February 1994 (as part of a “Guitar Summit” with Joe Pass, Leo Kottke and Paco Pena), December 1995, December 1998 (with the Romeros), December 2000, March 2004, December 2005 and May 2007.

presents In association with Omni Foundation for the Performing Arts

Pepe Romero, guitar
Saturday, December 12, 2009, 8pm

Pepe Romero
Herbst Theatre

A Tribute to Albéniz and Tárrega on the 100th Anniversary of Their Deaths
Isaac Albéniz Asturias (Leyendas) Granada Rumores de la Caleta Torre Bermeja Córdoba Sevilla INTERMISSION Francisco Tárrega Preludio No. 1 (preludio religioso) Lágrima, preludio ¡Adelita! Mazurca para guitarra ¡Marieta! Mazurca para guitarra Mazurca en Sol Danza Mora Tango Maria Endecha, preludio Rosita, polca Capricho Árabe Gran Jota Celebrated worldwide for his dazzling virtuosity, compelling interpretations and flawless technique, guitarist Pepe Romero is constantly in demand for his solo recitals, performances with orchestras, and with the world famous Romeros Quartet. Born in Málaga, Spain, he is the second son of “The Royal Family of the Guitar,” the Romeros. His father, the legendary Celedonio Romero, was his only guitar teacher; his first professional appearance was in a shared concert with his father in Sevilla’s Teatro Lope de Vega, when Pepe Romero was only seven years old. After relocating to the United States, together with his father and brothers, he helped establish the Romeros Quartet as the leading guitar ensemble in the world. Although best known for his classical performances, Pepe Romero’s passion for the traditional flamenco of his native Andalucia has never wavered. His first recording, Flamenco Fenómeno!, for Contemporary Records, was made when he was only 15 years old. Since then, Romero has made

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