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Matière : AN01
Devoir n° : 02

1. Compétence linguistique (14 points)
1. Texte à compléter (14*0,25 = 3, 5 points)
The first time Dunbar came to the village was back last summer. He had found a wounded woman by the river. She had a bad
wound on the side of her head and since he couldn’t revive her he had decided it was better to take her back to the village. At
that time hewas feeling very lonely. He hadn’t heard from his commander for months and he no longer knew what he was
doing there. Previously, when the commander had offered him to keep the outpost at the frontier he had seen that as an
opportunity to be alone with his own thoughts. However, soon the solitude of his life had become inhuman and only the daily
visit of the wolf had taken him away from madness.But, now that he had come to know the Indians he knew that he belonged
there, to the Prairie.
2. Les phrases traduites en français. (6 points)
1. Une fois la poussière retombée, Dunbar s'aperçut que les guerriers s’étaient préparés à l'attaque. (2 points)
2. L’homme blanc avait mis pied à terre et restait maintenant immobile. Les Indiens pensèrent qu’il devait être fou. (2 points)
3. Ilaurait pu partir à ce moment-là mais il ne bougea pas et attendit, sachant que la mort n'allait pas tarder. (2 points)
3. Les phrases traduites en anglais. (4,5 points)
4. As he was walking towards them, he could see that one of the warriors, who had detached himself from the others, was
coming towards him. (1,5 points)
5. He must have thought they would welcome him like a friend. (1,5)
6. Itcould have been his last day. (1,5)
2. Compréhension de texte (36 points)
Pour les inscrits en séries L, ES, S (LV1) et L, S (LV2) préparant l’écrit au baccalauréat.
a) General comprehension
1. The text is a first-person narrative (it may also be an autobiographical passage. (1 point)
2. The narrator is a young Indian who is returning to his reservation after having resided in Seattle. At first,he falls into
apathy and only watches television without even reading the want ads in the newspaper to find a job. However, he begins
to practice basketball again and gets ready to play with other Indians. (5 points)
b) Back home
4. His family wasn’t surprised to see him. They know that an Indian’s real place is in the country and that Indians never live
at ease in towns. They need to be innature to live a full life. I can quote line 2 “There’s an old Indian poet who said that
Indians can reside in the city, but they can never live there.” (3 points)
Cned – 7AN01CTPA0208 1/3
5. He is depressed at first because he cannot face reality and doesn’t want to look at his life. He finds escapism in television
and moreover in the illusion of “game shows and soap operas”. (3 points)
6.His mother tried to make him face his responsibilities. She asked him what he wanted to do with himself and looked for
want ads in the newspaper for him. She was there and her presence made him aware of what a bright young man like him
should do. (3 points)
c) A new kind of warrior
7. The narrator was an intelligent child. His intelligence had made him different from the others. He went tocollege and was
supposed to be successful. However, on line 11 we understand that he probably didn’t get a job as he writes: “I’d been too
out of shape from drinking and sadness”. He was supposed to be an example for the others and help his community but he
had failed. (2 points)
8. The word ‘fucking’ is a swear word while ‘an eagle’ is a beautiful and proud bird. For the Indians the eagle wasprobably
an emblem of superiority and intelligence. The association of the two words is shocking. It shows how the narrator is angry
at his Indian condition and at that moment rebels against the traditional Indian reverence for animals. (4 points)
9. In the past, the young Indians would become warriors. It was an honour to defend the tribe. Nowadays many of them live
in reservations and there...
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