Cover page and back page of a lesson before dying

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Ernest J . GAINES, A lesson before dying.

This document cost together the cover page and the back page of a book called A lesson before dying written byEnest J. Gaines. It composed of a summary in the left, of the title and a picture in the right and of several captions on either side.
From the beginning,the author by the title makes us aware about the denouement and announces that he will raise the question of the waiting for the expected death.
The scenetakes place in the late of fourteens. There are two main characters: Jefferson is in the wrong place at the wrong time. Indeed, he’s unlucky, he was where itshouldn’t be because three men were killed and only because he’s a young black man, he is convicted of murder and of the death penalty.
On the other hand,Grant doesn’t know if he wishes stayed or escaped to another hometown. Fortunately, his aunt and jefferson’s godmother manage to convince him to visit Jeffersonbecause he is doomed to die. As a result, Jefferson can impart his learning and preserve a bit of pride. Together, they will be able to defy the expecteddeath and even if it can’t be a happy ending, they have the merit of try.
Moreover, the picture shows a black man before a bell. It can be Jefferson and thebell may illustrate the time that he have before his death.
Thus, several reviews prove that the book is like. Reviews are striking by the moving anddescription of time.
To conclude, this document may let us guess a deeper asking about the human’s behavior, but again about the segregation that was a burning issue.
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