Cutural project

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The culture is what men have invented, around the world since the dawn time.

It is difficult to present the culture of a country without passing by “clichés”. But when one starts to discover acountry, is often observed that the reality far exceeds “clichés”.

A. The English culture

England is experiencing a vast culture that has spread around the world. Today, everybody knowssomething, tea at five o’clock in the afternoon, the London pubs, the BBC, Big Ben, and Buckingham Palace with the famous men’s hat (“bowler hats”). Besides, we can include “fish and chips”, to the soccerteam Manchester United, the London Bus, to the famous bridges, the Tower of London, to the Vikings, Wales, to the British music (Beatles, Led Zeppelin, Elton John, Pink Floyd, Rolling Stones…), andsuperstitions (black cat is a beneficial symbol, like a horseshoe or an autumn leaf), to the legend of English kings.

B. The French culture

French culture does not need a presentation. It isone of the richest cultures of the world. When we think about France, full of symbols give the reputation of our country: Paris, Eiffel Tower, the “Louvre”, the “Musée d’Orsay”, the Latin Quarter,“Champs Elysées”, the “Moulin Rouge”, “Versailles”. Furthermore, we can include famous people and characters like: Asterix and Obelix, Napoleon, Marie Curie, the Musketeers. Not forgetting the famousluxury brands: Dior, Chanel, Lancôme… France to another country is also: wine, exquisite cuisine, cheese and champagne. This land has the reputation of being “blessed by the Gods” by the beauty of citiesand villages, crafts, painters… France is so rich in culture that there is no person on earth who does not visit this country.

C. The German culture

The Germans stand out among the othernationalities as the “promoters of order”, material comfort, community work, the fight to preserve nature. They have always been great explorers, they have always loved the art of combat and war,...
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