Desiree's baby

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" Of Désirée Baby " is a piece of news(short story) of Kate Chopin, the text which I read is in English but I think that by looking well we can find him(it) in French. If you have a good level inEnglish, I advise(recommend) you the original version, the suspense and the tension which(who) govern this piece of news(short story) will be that better retranscribed.

The history(story) takes placein Louisiana in the XIXth century, period marked by the slavery. Armand and Désirée possess a plantation and slaves. They live under cover, the description made by the house predicts unconsciouslythe tragic end by its sinister character.

Désirée was adopted at the age of one year by the family Valmondé. At the age of 19 she is married to Armand Aubigny and is a mother of a little boy. Thelove which carries(wears) Armand to Désiré is described as destructive it was in love with her in so intense and so sudden a way. Armand is very proud of his surname, Aubigny is a very old family, it isvery strict to his slaves, he(it) is requiring(demanding) and sinks.

The author, via Désirée's point of view expresses the fact that something is faulty with the baby. The tension goes(takes) upin the head of the reader mysteries, revelations charges. The discovery which will make Désirée terrorizes her(it) only at the idea of the reaction of her husband to the view(sight) of their son.Further to this discovery, the behavior of Armand changes, it becomes cruel, mistreats his(her) slaves, ignores and throws back(rejects) his wife. He(it) is not human any more. He does not like(love)him(it) any more and considers her as a traitor who has tarnishes his(her,its) name. Armand throws back(rejects) Désirée and shows him(her) his desire to make her(it) suffer. Their last conversationraises(finds) the real personality of Armand and its cruelty.

This drama is going to destroy(annul) their couple and their life. They are not however responsible for their tragedy, they live in a...
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