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If we're gathered here today my friends, it's to denounce something, it's to denounce an issue that grows everyday, that makes suffering thousand peopleeveryday, at their work, in the street, anywhere. These people are offended for nothing.
This person, offended in the street or at his work, it can be you, oryou, or maybe you, it can be me! If we're gathered here it's to denounce the inequality of everyone in what we dare call a modern society. If we're gathered heretoday, it's to denounce racism.
And not only to denounce it, we are going to be more intelligent than racists, we won't say anything bad about them, we'renot here to do as they do, we're here to show them that the way they think is the wrong way, to show them the road of tolerance. They are victims ofunconsciousness, victims of their credulity, victims of their conditioning.
We are fighting against this inequality today because all men were created equal, and that aman that thinks the contrary didn't understand something in his life. This thing is to learn to live with the other whatever the color of his skin, whateverwhere he comes from, whatever what we think about him.
For hundreds years, black people were burnt, treated as slaves, considered as subhumans. Do you thinkit's normal that today, in a modern society, in 2010, violence against black people, against people that have a different color of skin, or a different culturestill exists? NO!
And it's for this that we are here today, to open the eyes to the world, to advocate, a message of equality, tolerance and brotherhood!
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