Dissafactions of women

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Emily Wilding Davison committed suicide herself, she rushed forward under the king’s horse. She was a suffragette. In fact this movement was created bythe militants of the _Women’s Social and Political Union_ (WSPU) in 1903, to gain the right fort suffrage to United Kingdom.
{draw:frame} {draw:frame} It’s EmmelinePankhurst who founded this Union, with her two daughters Cristabel and Sylvia, as well as a group of British women. These women are rapidly called “The suffragettes “. It’s thebeginning of a violent battle to obtain equality between men and women. The action of suffragettes pursues with Mary Richardson who have put a bomb in front of theVelasquez in 1913.
{draw:frame} At the turn of the nineteenth century, some women’s right are won. Indeed women are allowed to divorce their husbands, they have the right tokeep money they had earned, and they do have permission to leave their husbands too. However, they are struggling to get the right to vote, so many arrests are done. Thesuffragettes have cried slogans in favour of the vote of women, they burned places reserved to men like church or golf. These demands are written in a weekly. So they arearrested and she was incarcerated. In prison, she continued their actions, and to demonstrate their satisfactions, they are gone on hunger strike. At that time the “Cat &Mouse Act “ was set up. It consisted to let go outside prisoners who didn’t want to eat and to incarcerate again when they will be in a good fit. Now, when women will havethe suffrage? Some actions are fatal for the rest of the population, so they can’t continue , there are already too many death.

Monday, June 9th in 1913, New Times
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