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At ten years old, when she arrived in France, she didn't see the difference except the temperature. But by growing, when she start to gooutside at night, she noticed that in France, stores and restaurants closed very early. She fast realized that in Spain, people were nicer than in France.She also explained me that it was too hard to leave Spain because she lived in quote from her grandmother and that in Spain the family crowned !Like/Dislike
However, Lola loves France. She finds that it's the most beautiful country of world, that there is everything in France like mountains, sea, rain orsun etc...
She has many friends and she likes going outside with them even if she finds that french goes out early and go to bed early too ! But, shedoesn't love the school in France, she says that we work too much and she can't dance flamenco. She hate celebrating Christmas in France because she's farfrom her family and she finds that people doesn't enough party in streets.

The flamenco misses her enormously as well as her family. She goesto Spain for the summer holidays. The Spanish food (especially grandmother's food) misses her ! The sun and the warm of Spain misses her too.

I asked her what was her favorite dish in France and she answered me “ le croque-monsieur” (with a very nice French accent). She finds that reallysimple and quick to prepare and it's very well ! Later, she gave me the recipe of the “coca de llanda”. It's a Spanish Cake with orange juice and too soft.
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