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Table of Content
About FXCM 3
Platform Short Guide 4
Introduction 4
Top Menu Bar 5
Distinguishing Features of the FX Trading Station 7
Market Orders 7
Trailing Stops 8
Margin Watcher 8
24 Hour Reporting 9Rates 10
Advanced Dealing Rates Window 10
Simple Dealing Rates Window 11
Trading Functionality 14
Open a position at the current market rate 14
Other Ways Positions can be opened 15
Close a Position 16
Other Ways You canClose an Open Position 16
Close a Position (FXCM LLC Accounts) 17
One/Double-Click Execution 18
Placing an Order Away From the Current Market Rate 19
Modify an Entry Order 20
Canceling an Entry Order 20
OCO Entry Orders 21Net Stops and Limits (LLC Clients) 24
Using Entry Orders as Stops/Limits 25
Adding Stops and Limits to Open Positions 26
Stop Distance 27
Other Ways to add a Stop or Limit Order to an Open Position 28
Modify/Delete a Stop or Limit Order 29Adding Stops and Limits to Entry Orders 29
Trailing Stops 30
Hedging 32
At Best Market Order 33
Market Range Market Order 34
Large Orders – Fill on Larger Orders 34
Partial Fills FAQ 38
Account Information 39The Accounts Window 39
Multiple Accounts Window 40
The Summary Window 41
Margin 43
Rollover 45
Reports 46
Customize Your Trade Station 47
Show or Hide Windows 47
Change Window Screen 47Language 47
Colors, Sounds, and Fonts 48
Charts 52

About FXCM

With substantial operations around the world, FXCM Holdings, LLC trades over 150,000 live accounts via FXCM’s trading platforms from nearly 200 countries, including over 400 institutional clients. According to the financial data posted on the CFTC website, FXCM is one of the mostwell-capitalized Forex Dealer Members. Additionally, FXCM is one of the oldest and largest online Forex brokers. As a result, FXCM has built strong execution relationships with many of the worlds largest international banks. FXCM receives and is able to pass on the benefits of size, better prices, and better execution to our clients.

FXCM’s trading volume is among the highest in the industrycompared to other Forex Dealer members. In an over-the-counter market where traders must rely on the financial strength, stability and integrity of their dealer in order to fulfill obligations on their forex transactions, size does matter. Size and sophistication dictate a market maker's access to Interbank prices. The sheer volume and order flow has enabled FXCM to build strong executionrelationships with some of the world’s largest banks, who have given the company millions of dollars in foreign exchange credit lines. As a result, FXCM receives and is able to pass on the benefits of size to our clients. FXCM strives to maintain tight dealing spreads and to quote aggressively at all times.

FXCM has a proven track record of reliability and success with an average of 8,000,000 orders...
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