Effets de la drogue en anglais

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The effects of drugs

The effects, risks and dangers of drugs (psychoactive drugs) vary depending on the product and use that one makes. The reasons why people can be led toconsume differ according to each individual, his history, his health, his family and social environment.

Consumption of these products provides pleasure or immediate relief,controlled or not you can drink a drink to relax, for the pleasure of tasting a fine wine, to feel better or overcome a painful moment, smoking tobacco to be like the others, for thepleasure of sharing time with others or because you can not stop, use of ecstasy in the desire for extreme sensations, a substance abuse to alleviate discomfort, seek forgetfulness ofpain or a reality experienced as unbearable

Polydrug or number of dangers:

Sometimes the patterns of drug use are compounded when the same person consumes more products. We knowthat consumption of a product causes associated consumption: alcohol and cigarette, alcohol and cannabis, ecstasy, cannabis and psychoactive drugs, etc..

- The person makesregular use of several products, she regularly consumes eg tobacco, alcohol and tranquilizers. A 1996 survey indicates that 29% of men who take sleeping pills or tranquilizers have adrinking problem. The same survey indicates that smokers of tobacco are more likely than other consumption of excessive alcohol.

- At the same time, a person combines severalproducts at once, such as cannabis, alcohol and tobacco. Three quarters of those experimenting with cannabis report smoking tobacco would do from time to time. They are 55% smoke tobaccoregularly. In both cases, we talk about poly. The dangers are often ignored by the user. Together, the effects of the products can be amplified, causing serious risks to his health.
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