English boxing

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English Boxing

The Boxing also noble art is a combat sport in which two opponents, of similar weights, meet on a boxing ring, provide with gloves stuffed to limit the risk of cut, and are exchanged punches, carried (worn) with the face and with the bust. The fight is divided into interval of time (weather), the rounds, separated by one minute of rest announced by a bell or the pugilist can be advised or been looked after if need. Whether it is in Olympic or professional boxing, the fighters, or the boxers, try to avoid the punches of their opponent while trying to get (touch) them. Points are every time awarded considered as clear (net), powerful and precise. At the end the fight, the boxer having most points is declared victorious.
The victory can be also affected if a fighter puts his opponent outside fight (by knockout or KB), That is in the incapacity to get up and to resume (to take back) the fight after the account of 10 seconds of the arbitrator (referee). A fighter is also declared victorious if his injured (wounded) opponent cannot continue the fight (technical KB or TKO). The boxing is also called the «noble art ". She is the direct descendant of the pugilism who was much less technical than that current and or the fighters had gloves with nails (boils, pawnshops) which we called caste.

1) The History

The boxing appears to the XVIIIth century, the matches were then organized by punters who took as model the pugilism. She (it) is in the time (period) little regulated and is practised with bare hands.
The first big champion of boxing with bare hands was the fencing teacher James Figg in 1719; his pupil Brougthon (on 1704 - 1789) gained (won) 400 fights until the day when he killed accidentally his opponent. Traumatized, he (it) codified the rules of the boxing with by means of the marquess of Queensberry and made compulsory the port(bearing) of oven gloves and forbidden the fights to the finish, what also forbids to strike the opponent on the

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