Enlargement of the european union to the east

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Enlargement of the European Union to the East

Thibault Larhant 2009-2010
Introduction 3

I/ European Union enlargement 5
A/ How to be a European Union membership 5 1. Criteria 6 2. Process 6
B/ Enlargement 1957-1995 8
C/ The East enlargement 8 1. 10


III/ Présentation du marché 11
A/ Otor Normandie et son Marché 11
B/ Les clients 12
C/ Les produits 13
D/ Le marketing entreprise 13

IV/ La communication dans l’entreprise 14
A/ La communication interne 14
B/ La communication externe 14

V/ Mon action dans l’entreprise 15
A/ Objectifs 15
B/ Description et analyse des actions à mener 15
C/ Organisation et moyens mis en œuvre pour remplir la mission 16
D/ Résultat 16
E/ Analyse 17

Conclusion 18

Since its creation with six founding members which are France Germany Italy, Belgium, Netherland and Luxembourg, the European Union has known six enlargements and there are currently 27 states. Enlargement is the process of expanding the European Union (EU) through the accession of new member states.

The fifth and the sixth enlargement of the EU (2004-2007) have led to the accession of twelve countries of Eastern Europe. It has been an ambitious decision as these countries had experienced very diverse economic, social and political developments compared to the EU-15. These enlargements directly originate from the collapse of communism and Soviet influence in Eastern Europe.

That’s why; it's really interesting to ask, what the East enlargement impact on the European Union. First of all I present the different enlargement of the EU, and then in a second part I explain the economic impact of the East enlargement. Finally, I try to show the positives and negatives impacts of these enlargement.

it raised many questions about the benefits and the disadvantages it could bring to both the EU and the new entrants.

I/ European Union enlargement

A. How to be a European Union membership?


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