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* Situation de bic aujourd’hui ? ( son activité, combien d’employés, part de marché en % sur le marché du rasoir…)
* La situation du rasoir BIC de nos jours ? la rentabilité ? sondéveloppement ? où en sont-il dans cette action ?

No.2 worldwide in volume and No.3 worldwide in value for one-piece shavers

The worldwide market of humid shave is estimated at 7,9 billion euroamong which 37 % for the "non-rechargeable" razors. On the market of the "non-rechargeable", BIC is, on its main markets, the second worldwide dealer in volume.
The two other major dealers areGillette, leader, and Schick Wilkinson

Rise in range of the market

It is in 1975, that the first non-rechargeable razor had been thrown by BIC. It had then revolutionized habits and market of shave.For some years, the market of humid shave knows a true technological revolution with the constant introduction of new razors, masculine or female, in stronger value added such as razors 2-then 3 -blades, endowed with lubricating bands and with grip for a bigger user-friendliness.

In 2007, 3 - blades, thrown in 2003, represent already about 43 % of sales of razors BIC, against 35 % in thecourse of the fiscal year 2006.

Strategy and objectives

The markets of the OECD know for some years a modification of the request of the consumers towards products with stronger value added. Thedecline of sales of 1 - blade, and more newly of 2 - blades, takes place to the advantage of sales of razors 3-blades.

Since 2000, the BIC group broadly participated in these evolutions on the marketof the "nonrechargeable", by innovating with launching about a dozen new products. The success of the launching of the razor 3 - blades masculine BIRO COMFORT 3 ® and of the female razor BIC Sun showsthe capacity of the Group to be perfectly answered wait of the consumers, more and more applicants of hanging comfort and after shave.

In March, 2007, BIC reinforces its range of razors by...
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