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Too Late or not too late, that is the question.

It is often been said that the end of the world is coming but how can we ... this. Currently our planet is being swallowed by dirt and pollution.However, it could be possible to prevent this if all the population ( se mobilise) .

According to the majority of people the global warming will make the planet vanish and nothing can preventthis. I understand why they think this, because the global warming is causing the Arctic ice cap to melt so fast that by 2070 there may be no ice at all, so this create an (augmentation) of the water'slevel. And this (augmentation) create flood.

Moreover, the carbon dioxide emission are too important and (accélère) the global warming.

The (nombreux) waste that people (jette) outside have badconsequences on the nature. The nature is also
(affecté) by the (nombreuses) deforestation.
The factories eject chemical products and smoke.
Besides sprays used in every day products createpollution.
If we (considère) all this problems we will immediatly be ( découragé) because we should take care of the environmental problem too soon. And people and politic power have (wait) the lastmoment to react. So, the consequences are to important to find solutions. Even if all people (prenne conscience) that the planet is in danger, the damage are to bigger.

Nonetheless, it is (lache) tothink that is too late because that means that we will wait until the end of the world come. In my opinion, we must try to save the planet because she may have less damage with our help.

If wechange our ( habitudes) like (jetter) the waste outside or (limiter) the use of sprays the nature will be better and the atmosphere more (respirable).

Furthermore, the politics people must organisemore conference like the (Copenaghen) conference. (Celui ci) was organised in the way to limit the amount of carbon dioxide emissions. But some other can deal with the solutions of the factories or...
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