Environmental issues (solutions)

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There are many environmental issues facing our world today and it's about time we (humans) become part of the solution instead of being the main problem. Most of us are aware that human activitieshave lead to problems of health, extinction of many species but mostly we are a threat for future generations. If we don’t change our mentality and lifestyle by doing simple things in our everyday life,such as recycling or saving water, we could be running to our loss sooner than we think.

The first and basic step to take in order to be environmentally friendly is doing recycling. Recycling isa very simple but important action that everyone should always do. The needs for recycling are based on the fact that our natural resources are drastically diminishing and some are irreplaceable andvital. Just in our home we have the opportunity to recycle glass, paper, and plastic. For those of us who own a yard or a garden we can also take our kitchen waste (that mostly make up the rest of ourgarbage) and do some compost with it. The only thing we can’t use for our compost is meat, bones and dairy products because the smell will attract small animals such as squirrels and racoons. When thecompost is ready, it makes the perfect homemade fertilizer for plants and lawn. By doing such we could all be eco-friendly and save money at the same time.

The second step to take is saving waterbecause our water supplies are not endless. According to the government of Canada; “Between 70 and 80 % of the earth is covered with water. Of the water on earth, 97 % is in the oceans and 2% isfrozen in ice caps and glaciers. Less than 1 % of all the water on earth's surface is available to meet the drinking water needs of all the people, plants and animals on this planet!”(1) To maximize thelimited amount of drinkable water we have to reuse that resource. Simple things like using a barrel or a large container so we can collect rain water and use it to wash our cars or watering the...
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