Evolution of the different types of people in california during the gold rush

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Evolution of the different types of people in California during the Gold rush
In 1848, General John A. Sutter discovered gold in California at Coloma: it was the beginning of the Gold rush. Sincethis discovery California attracted a lot immigrants coming from all over the world who wanted to improve their conditions of lives and to fulfill their lifelong dream which was to aim money with gold.More than a hundred thousand of them arrived during this period between 1848 and 1860. It was the time of the west conquest were a lot of stranger tried to find wealth in the United States because ofthe bad situation of their own country or own state, like the Chinese , the Latinos or the African-American.
What types of change on California’s community, on California’s population does the Goldrush make?
First of all Nicolas will study the evolution of Chinese population in California , furthermore Florian will also work on the Latinos situation during the Gold rush and at the end I willexplain To you the case of the African-American at this period.

1 – The Chinese population during the Gold rush
The first Chinese arrived in 1849 even if a lot of were illiterate and farmers theywere ready to work hard so a major part of them began miners and the women prostitutes. In 1850 gold began to become rare and during the 1860’s a lot of them constructed a part of thetranscontinental railway with the Union Pacific. As thousand of them came nowadays this still have an influence the third language which is most spoken in California is the Chinese.
2 – The Latinos at this period3 – The African-American

As a conclusion we can say that the arrival of hundred thousand of immigrants in California at this period permitted the evolution of California’s economy, and also thedevelopment of a lot of city like San Francisco on the West coast. We can say that this change on California population had a very big impact on this state because all of these people were hard...
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