External perks

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External perks :
* Pay for the children’s studies: if an employee cannot pay for its children education the company will pay for it.
* Health care in the US are veryexpensive: the companies realized that many people want to work in order to benefit from a complete health insurance payed by the company. It is a real benefit at the same time for the employee, whodoesn’t have to pay for its medical care and also for the company because it is reduced from its taxes.
* Free tuition: companies pay for the employee’s courses, an unlimited budget is allocated totuition.
* Pet care: the employee can come with his pet to work, the pet is taken care of all day long (fed, walked…). Some companies such as GENENTECH also provide pet insurance.* If an employee doesn’t have time to do his chores: the company will pay for a maid and also for the laundry cleaning.
* Incentive to buy a hybrid car: 1,000$ GOOGLE/3,000$ at TIMBERLANDSPORTS AND LEISURE
* Lifetime membership at a fitness club (only for retirees): S.C. JOHNSON & SON
* Golf club, sports club, country club membership
* Free tickets to concert or gamesLUXURY GOODS
* Providing cars to an employee: some corporation offer cars to their employees in order to keep them within the company, normally it is a luxury car such as a BMW and with unlimitedmileage.
* Wine club membership

Over the years, companies have put in place different strategies in order to keep their key members and valuable employees. One of these strategies isPERKS: companies offer services and activities to their employees in order to make their everyday life easier and to help them have a healthier life. It is at the same time a benefit for the companybecause its employees are more focus on their work less stressed because they are able to evacuate it thanks to the company’s activities, membership card to a sport club… it is a way for companies...
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