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I'm going to give a talk on FB...

Facebook is a great innovation. It offers you an opportunity to interact with a very expansive universe of new people. In the businesscommunity, it could be described as a good way to market yourself
I will start with the description of this new concept, and then I’ll talk about the social impact of FB and mention the good and thebad sides of this phenomenon.

I/ Description of the concept
Facebook is a global social networking website that is operated and privately owned by Facebook, Inc. The website's name stems from thebooks given at the start of the academic year by university administrations in order to help students get to know each other better
Mark Zuckerberg founded Facebook in 2004 with his roommates andfellow students Dustin Moskovitz and Chris Hughes while he was a student at Harvard University (see the picture). The web site's membership was initially limited to Harvard students, but was expanded toother colleges of the area. It later expanded further to include any university student, then high school students, and, finally, to anyone aged 13 and over.
The website currently has 350 millionactive users worldwide. Moreover about 700 million photos and 4 million videos are uploaded each month. Otherwise FB has more than 35 translations, note that over 70% of Facebook users are outside ofthe U.S. It is the 2nd most visited site in the world after google.com. The Facebook’s turnover was estimated in 2008 at 150 million dollars despite the fact that they haven’t a business plan.
Thisexplosion of networks with contacts, reminds the 6 degrees of separation Theory, elaborated by Stanley Milgram, according to which two persons taken at random can be connected by using on average 6intermediaries. Facebook can perfectly illustrate this theory.
Six degrees of separation (also referred to as the "Human Web") refers to the idea that, if a person is one step away from each person they...
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