Fascist threat in britain and france in the 1930's

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Fascist threat in Britain and France in the 1930's

In the 1930's, there was a fascist threat after the Wall Street Krack in France and in Britain. To what extent was trhere a Fascist threat andhow did those two democracies respond to it?

In France, during the third Republic, there were political instability and no economic reforms which turned into anti-parlementarism. There was alsothe Stavinsky affair which showed the corruption in the government. Xenophobes and antisémists were inspired by Nazi Germany. Because of the crisis, there were social discontent and so the FascistsLeagues attempted a coup d'état on the 6th february 1934, where fascists demonstrators fought against communists and the police. After this event, Left-wing parties demonstrated on Place de la Bastille,which is a symbol of the French revolution, against fascism to protect their republic. The Popular Front is created and elected during the 1936's elections, they increased the salaries increase andreduced the working hours to 40.

In Britain, during the 1929 election, the labour party is elected and Ramsey Macdonald becomes prime minister. At the same time, there's the Wall street Krack, andMacdonald decided to cut public spendings and wages to survive to the crisis. But he was dismissed and spo joined the conservatives and the liberals. It's during this instability that the BritishUnion on Fascist was created and was inspired from the Italian dictator, Mussolini. Most of the supporters were racists but they were a minority. Fascism didn't become a great success in Britain becauseit wasn't a British tradition. Despite a constitutional crisis when Britain had the opportunity to change their system, British people prefered to trust in their monarchy.

Between thewars, Franceand Britain, which had two different systems, were confronted to huge economical problems. The fascist threat didn't have a great success because they were a minority in britain and and in France,...
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