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International Marketing Plan:

Launching FEBO in France


Table of content

Executive overview

I- Product and Market information

1- Product description

2- Product pricing in Holland

3- Holland’s fast food market and trends

3.1- Market highlights

3.2- Dutch food and eating habits

3.3-Competitors in Holland

3.4- Tourists’ comments on FEBO

4- France’s fast food market and trends

4.1- Environmental analysis

4.2- Potential competitors in France

5- SWOT analysis of FEBO

II- FEBO launch strategy

1- Product description in Paris

2- Environmental strategy tactics/tasks

3- Feature of FEBOand benefits to customer

4- Pricing strategy

5- Place

6- Overall strategy

6.1- Prospect strategy

6.2- Prospect strategy and tasks

6.3- Product launch strategy

6.4- Promotion

Executive Overview

This international marketing plan details the launch of FEBO Service in France country. Our Concept, FEBO gives the following benefitsto the consumer: Propose fresh and healthy food at any time of the day only with coins any time of the day.

We selected France country as an appropriate market for our service because in France there is a submerged fight against junk food and this becomes a crucial issue on the repositioning of fast food.

The target market in France country will be females/males between the ages of 14 and 50years old, which concerns people who has an average income, and any type of education level and who lives primarily in main city areas as La Défense, République Square, St Michel Boulevard.

In our research we have determined that there is a strong need for bio and healthy products because it is not yet available at this price or quality, so you will use that point to catch our target market.There are many competitors as Fastfoods, but they can't propose a quality of product and price like ours; Meaning that Competitors' products are also higher priced and have lower quality, and do not propose a self service all the day.

While our company has some weaknesses, they are not substantial enough to block entry of our service in the market, and we have outlined a strategy below toovercome those weaknesses.

I- Product and Market Information

1- Product description

FEBO is a chain of Dutch walk-up fast food restaurants of the vending machine type. Founded in 1941 in Amsterdam, FEBO is most notable for this vending machine format: a counter is available for purchasing French fries, beverages, and hamburgers. Other FEBO snacks can be bought from the automats. Theprimary automat-vended items are krokets, frikandellen, hamburgers, "cheese soufflés" and such.

It is very interesting because the food is prepared in the back and uploaded into individual compartment in order to acquire some chow simply insert some coins and pull the little door to open and to access food ranges from burgers to fries to chilly and condiments on the side. And it is o penthroughout the night.


FEBO has almost 60 shops all over the Netherlands, with 54 being franchises.

There are 22 shops in Amsterdam alone.

Here’s a small list of Febo locations in Amsterdam:

- Ferdinand Bolstraat 89B

- Damrak 6

- Stadionplein 20A

- Leidsestraat 94

- Reguliersbreestraat 38

- Oudezijdsvoorburgwal 33


Febo is best known for itscroquettes. Here are a few, yummy meaty recommendations: “kalfsvleeskroket” for those who love beef (€ 1.40), or “kipcorn” for those who crave a bit of chicken (€ 1.40). For the Eastern touch, check out “bami” or “nasi,” (€ 1.40) both kroketten come packed with rice or noodles, as well as vegetables and herbs. If you’re looking for a non-meat option, check out the delicious “kaassouffle,” a fried...
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